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Deploy Parquery's solutions in the way that works for you


Software Deployment à la carte


We offer a range of deployment options:

Parquery Cloud
Carefree Package

Edge Computing
Processing on site

Processing in the camera

Parquery's cloud service - the carefree package


With Parquery's cloud service, you only need a camera and an internet connection by ethernet cable, Wifi, or 3G/4G SIM card. The images are transmitted to Parquery's server, then processed, analyzed, and deleted remotely. An Application Programming Interface (API) or our interactive web-based Dashboard provides the results and analytics.

This option works best for customers who want an all-round carefree package, re-use installed cameras, or wish to use any camera manufacturer, not be locked in with a single provider. No need to purchase, run, monitor, and maintain their own servers, but they can focus on what is vital to their business.

Parquery cloud service

Parquery cloud service - the all-round carefree package


On-premise or on your cloud server - data custody


Parquery can install its software on a client's dedicated on-premise or cloud server. This option is best if company policies do not authorize provider software on cloud servers or the data must not leave the premises. Also, for a diverse range of existing and new cameras from any manufacturer, this is a good option. 

For on-premise deployment, you will need to install a dedicated server. The camera footage is then transmitted to this server over a local network, processed, and deleted. The results are provided to the facility manager(s) via API or our Dashboard.

Find out about the on-premise server requirements below.


Parquery on premise

Parquery on-premise or on your cloud server - keep all data in your custody


On the edge - camera footage remains on site


Edge computing allows data to be handled very close to where it is produced rather than transmitting it to the cloud or data server for processing. In practice, this means connecting a camera to a small powerful computer installed closeby, on which Parquery's solution is installed and processes the data on-site.

The data is kept close to where it is recorded and it, thus, also allows for greater processing speeds. This means, this option is best for video analysis, e.g. traffic or people flow monitoring, and if privacy is a major concern, i.e. image or video must not leave the place where it is being recorded. This option is also good if the customer would like to be independent of a specific camera manufacturer and use existing cameras, e.g. surveillance cameras already installed for security purposes.

Anonymous computation results and analytics can be provided via API or the Dashboard.


Parquery edge computing

Parquery edge computing - all footage remains on site.
Extracted anonymous data from several devices can be aggregated on a server and displayed on the dashboard, or used directly with the API


On the camera - all-in-one device


Parquery integrates with Axis cameras for on-camera parking management, leveraging the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP).

This app runs directly on the camera itself (if it has an ARTPEC system-on-chip (SoC) chip, generation 6 or newer) – similar to installing an app on a smartphone.  Here are the key benefits:

  • Less resource needs: thanks to processing on the camera, less bandwidth, storage, and server load. 
  • Data privacy: Footage never leaves the camera, only anonymized data are sent out. Ideal when privacy is a major concern.
  • Easy deployment:This option is perfect for those using AXIS cameras and looking for a simple setup.
  • Versatile use and access to results and analytics:
    • Accessible via API (for developers)
    • Viewable through Parquery's interactive Dashboard.

Overall, this is a good option for customers who want a privacy-focused, scalable parking management solution using AXIS cameras.

More about Parquery's Axis ACAP solution


Parquery's results need a camera, an internet connection, and a server to aggregate the data

Parquery on-camera processing with Axis ARTPEC - all-in-one device
Extracted anonymous data from several cameras can be aggregated on a server and displayed on the dashboard, or used directly with the API

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On-premise server requirements


Parquery’s software does not need major infrastructure. Our Operations Team will help you identify the best solution based on your existing servers or advise on purchasing new hardware.

Here is an example of server requirements for an off-street parking area with 200 spots:

  • Linux Virtual Machine (or specific Linux Machine);
  • Minimum 2 CPUs;
  • Minimum 4 Gb RAM;
  • Approximately 100 Gb of storage space on your hard drive (including space for Linux).



Please contact Parquery’s Operations Team for additional details   Get in touch

Privacy and data protection


Both, Parquery’s on-premise and cloud analysis comply with Swiss and European privacy laws (GDPR):

  • We do not store any images.
  • We automatically delete images after processing.
  • We guarantee that no personal data is present in the images. Our solution automatically blurs pedestrians and vehicle number plates before image analysis to ensure data remains anonymous.
  • If analyzed on-premise, the images do not leave the customer's premises but are processed and analyzed on a server on-site.


How Parquery complies with GDPR    Find out


Use case: how Parquery complies with privacy laws together with the Swiss Railways SBB    Avoid the GDPR headache


Parquery anonymizes all private data on images.

Parquery blurs private data such as people and number plates before analysis.


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