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Server options


Once your cameras are supplying images at the desired rate, Parquery can analyze them to detect objects and silhouettes. Parquery’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms can run on your premises or in the cloud.


On-premise or cloud analysis


Parquery offers a cloud service, to process and analyze the camera images remotely on Parquery’s servers. In this case, all you need is an internet connection for your cameras, by ethernet cable, Wifi, 3G/4G SIM card, etc. The images are transmitted to Parquery, processed, deleted, and the results are provided either by Application Programming Interface (API) or our Dashboard.

If company policies do not authorize provider software on cloud servers, Parquery can install its software on-site on the customer’s premises. For this option, you will need to install a dedicated server on-site. Images from cameras are then transmitted to this server by a local network, where they are processed and then deleted, and the results are sent on to your facility manager(s).

Our Smart Parking experts can support you in making the decision based on your requirements.


Image analysis can be carried out by Parquery on cloud or local servers
Image analysis and data processing can either be done on Parquery’s cloud servers or on the customer’s premises on a dedicated server.

On-premise server requirements


Parquery’s software does not need major infrastructure. Our Operations Team will help you identify the best solution for your parking area based on your existing servers or advise on purchasing new hardware.

Here is an example of server requirements for an off-street parking area with 200 spots:

  • Linux Virtual Machine (or specific Linux Machine);
  • Minimum 2 CPUs;
  • Minimum 4 Gb RAM;
  • Approximately 100 Gb of storage space on your hard drive (including space for Linux).


Privacy and data protection


Both, Parquery’s on-premise and cloud analysis comply with Swiss and European privacy laws (GDPR):

  • We do not store any images.
  • We automatically delete images after processing.
  • We guarantee that no personal data is present in the images. Our solution automatically blurs pedestrians and vehicle number plates before image analysis to ensure data remains anonymous.
  • If analyzed on-premise, the images do not leave the customer's premises but are processed and analyzed on a server on-site.


Parquery anonymizes all private data on images.
Parquery blurs private data such as people and number plates before analysis.

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