AXIS cameras with Parquery inside 

Digitizing parking, traffic, logistics, and mobility made easy with AXIS ACAP and Parquery.


Thanks to the Parquery parking app on the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), AXIS ARTPEC cameras now provide parking analytics for up to 300 spots per camera.

Parquery on AXIS cameras


Within the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), Parquery's software can now run directly on AXIS cameras. This is similar to installing an app on a smartphone. 

  • No need for separate hardware: The software runs on the AXIS camera itself, and the images or video are analyzed on the camera. Only a small server is needed for aggregating the data aggregation.
  • Privacy focus: Footage is analyzed on the camera and never leaves the device. Only anonymized data (numerical and analytical data) is sent for further processing and storage.

The Need

A self-contained optical parking sensor that delivers anonymous occupancy data for up to 300 spots without storing or transmitting images. 

The Solution

Parquery's parking app for ARTPEC Axis cameras combines in-camera image analysis with the Parquery dashboard as a parking management tool with all data, statistics, prices, forecasts, etc. 


What is needed to make it work?

Parquery can be embedded on any Axis camera with ARTPEC-8 chips

Parquery can be embedded on various Axis cameras with ARTPEC chips. 
(Photos © Axis Communications)

Once you have an Axis camera with ARTPEC from generation 6 onwards, Parquery will send you the app to install on the camera. Installing is as easy as adding an app to a smartphone with Axis browser-based camera management software. 

The camera can then be installed on-site, and Parquery will calibrate the app for you. As soon as the fine-tuning for your parking lot is done, the results are accessible on the interactive dashboard. 

Installing the Parquery Parking App is as easy as installing a smartphone app

On the camera’s configuration interface, installing the Parquery Parking App is as easy as installing a smartphone app

Unlocking the power of the AXIS AI chip

Designed in-house by Axis, the 8th generation ARTPEC system-on-chip (SoC) is Axis’ most advanced chipset. It is specifically designed for IP cameras and deep-learning analytics on the edge (i.e. on-site, in the camera). 

The Parking app lets you leverage the power of Parquery's Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly on the camera. It takes full advantage of the chip to process images in-camera with AI and extract parking usage. 


What’s behind Parquery’s AI?

Parquery integrates into an ARTPEC-8 chip with special AI accelerator for deep learning

The ARTPEC-8 chip with special AI accelerator for deep learning. 
(Photos © Axis Communications)

Benefits of edge computing 

With edge computing, data is processed where it is generated, i.e., in or near the camera. This has several advantages: 

  • Increased privacy and data protection
    Data and privacy protection and GDPR issues do not even arise, as images are processed on the spot and only numerical data leaves the camera. Where privacy is a paramount concern, in-camera processing can give customers even more peace of mind and custody of their data, in addition to Parquery’s strict privacy and data protection policy. 
  • Low infrastructure requirements and associated cost savings 
    Since the individual cameras do the heavy lifting of processing its footage, requirements on bandwidth, server processing power and storage are lower. This means cutting costs and greater scalability compared to a central server.
  • Seamless installation
    Configure the camera, install the app, and Parquery does the rest. We are also happy to work with partner companies to handle camera configuration and installation for you. 
Parquery's results need a camera, an internet connection, and a server to aggregate the data

The setup is straightforward: a camera with an internet connection and a server to aggregate the data.
The results can be seen on the dashboard or integrated via the API, e.g. in display panels.

Would you like the same capability for other cameras?


Upgrade and retrofit any camera of any manufacturer with Parquery on-the-edge, without an ARTPEC chip: A powerful tiny computer – a so-called edge device – can be mounted near the camera, e.g. a Raspberry Pi or an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.  This way you can use the power of distributed image processing for any camera. 

Parquery can work on any camera of any manufacturer by using a Raspberry Pi
Parquery can work on any camera of any manufacturer by using a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX

Raspberry Pi 4, and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX - energy-efficient, compact machines for edge computing

Get in touch to get started

Parquery everywhere

Parquery offers unique solutions for parking, traffic, logistics, and mobility. We set ourselves apart from our competition with the abilities: 

  • Upgrade existing cameras: You don't need to buy new hardware. Turn your existing security cameras into multi-purpose sensors.
  • Flexible software deployment: Our software is designed to work in various environments. Choose to run it on:
    • Cloud servers (ours, partner's, client's)
    • Local servers (partner's, client's)
    • Edge computing devices on-site (directly near the cameras)
    • In AXIS cameras

Learn more on Parquery's in-depth analytics

How to go about a smart parking project?

Contact Parquery; we will be on your side throughout.

To get started, our experts will assist you in determining how many cameras are needed, which camera model to choose, and where to install the cameras with 3D modeling of the parking area

Privacy and data protection

The camera analyzes the images and deletes them once processed. Thus, no image or video data leaves the camera unless requested.

GDPR - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

Fully GDPR- and FADP-compliant


We strictly comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). Our dedicated data protection page explains how and which options are available.

CH - FADP - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

Parquery is an agile software development company. Bespoke solutions for our customers and partners are our daily bread.

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