Gain insight into how your parking space is used.

Smart parking solutions create a wealth of data.


Parquery provides written reports customized for you to assist you in interpreting and understanding the data and its significance. These reports will inform you and provide insights about how your parking space is being used and can act as a decision making tool.


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Reports are fully customizable

You are the expert of your parking space. We listen to you and jointly, we identify exactly those features and information that match your requirements and provide you with the insights you need. The reports will be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

We provide reports for both customers who use our Application Programming Interface (API) and those who use our Dashboard.

Examples of popular features, graphics, histograms or bar charts include:

  • Turnover
  • Average parking time
  • Peak time analysis for a specific parking area during a given period
  • Projected cost savings
  • Projected parking trends
  • Parking area misuse
  • Parking violations

Do you need to integrate reporting into an existing platform? Do you need specific reports on particular aspects? The reports are yours. Parquery defines their content together with you, and they will be fully customized to suit your requirements.

Parking managers increase revenue and make data-driven decisions based on parking analytics.

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The statistics we get are very helpful for retrospective analysis.


C. Hasler, CEO, Hasler + Co AG

There is a suitable smart parking solution for every parking situation. We can help you find it.


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