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Choosing a technology partner is challenging. You need a technology that works, a provider who understands your needs, great customer support, and proven experience.

That’s exactly what you get with Parquery.


Channeling our know-how and expertise in developing innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision to new applications is what we love to do!


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Tailored to your needs

We always begin with an introductory call. Once we understand your needs, we’ll decide together if we’re the best provider for you and how to proceed, or connect you with another provider if we’re not.

Added value

We aim to add value for you, either directly or indirectly (via a white label solution).

Immediate results

Parquery’s smart parking solution works right out of the box and provides immediate results.

Extensive customer support

The people on our customer support team are eager problem solvers and always there for you.

Proven track record

We have partnered with 20+ companies and expanded their product range

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A range of industries already profits from a technology partnership with Parquery.

Smart parking companies

Parking companies and manufacturers use our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and computer vision expertise to stand out in the smart parking market.

IT Companies

use our AI technology to expand their portfolios, accelerate product processes, quicken product development and improve sales activities.

Smart lighting providers

use our AI technology to create an easy added value to their solution, requiring no extra hardware.

System integrators

for smart cities unlock a host of new opportunities. We can add AI features to any camera, even pre-installed units. Our technology extends beyond parking and vehicle detection, and is capable of detecting any object in images from any kind of camera.

Smart mobility companies

appreciate our agile startup mindset. Even after six successful years in the market, we remain responsive, innovative and receptive to new ideas. Whether you’re interested in smart mobility, smart traffic or smart space management, Parquery has a matching solution for your business!

Together we can achieve more


More than 200 resellers, system integrators, partners and customers in over 30 countries rely on Parquery. They grow their sales, boost their efficiency, react to market needs, and gain time, money, and space with our AI.




You too can become part of our partner network.


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Over 80 smart parking projects in 30+ countries worldwide.



Where is Parquery within the smart parking field?


Parquery's smart parking solution is based on camera images and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It requires little in the way of hardware, is proven to work for a broad range of situations and under challenging conditions, and integrates with existing and new parking components:

Parquery monitors any parking area, even when no parking lines are drawn.

Only a single camera is needed to monitor a large outdoor parking lot.

Parquery detects vehicles indoor or outdoor.

Parquery detects vehicles in garages or outdoors.

Parquery also monitors non-designated parking areas.

Works with and without parking lines.

Parquery locates where are available parking spots in ski stations

Works in difficult weather, e.g. snow cover.



Parquery complements the portfolio of payment companies.

Parquery complements the portfolio of payment companies.

Parquery complements the portfolio of phone payment parking companies.

Parquery complements the portfolio of phone payment parking companies.

Parquery identifies where are available parking spots in parking lots with barriers.

Parquery directs drivers to available parking spots in parking lots equipped with barriers.

Parquery identifies if a vehicle is parked but not charging.

Parquery identifies whether a parked vehicle is charging. Facility managers receive real-time alerts if not.



Parking managers receive alerts in the event vehicles are wrongly parked.

Parking managers receive alerts in the event vehicles are wrongly parked, such as on the road (double parking).

Parquery detects when vehicles are parked on two parking spots.

Parquery detects vehicles are wrongly parked, e.g. on two parking spots.

Real-time alerts are sent to parking officers in the event vehicles are wrongly parked.

Real-time alerts are sent to parking officers for wrongly parked vehicles, e.g. parked on the sidewalk.

Parquery detects if reserved parking spots are used.

Parquery detects if reserved or dedicated parking spots are used and informs parking officers.

Our solution works:

With any camera, including standard cameras, webcams, CCTV cameras and more

With steady or rotating cameras

In all weather conditions

Indoor and outdoor

Regardless of whether or not parking spots are clearly indicated

Night and day (24/7/365) or limited to specific periods, e.g. during summer, during tourist season, during working hours, etc

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Our priority is to create added value for your company. That starts by understanding your needs and desires.

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Parquery is the leader for software development in the parking sector. They are definitely the best choice you can make for camera-based parking solutions.

It’s that simple.


D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

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