Keep your grip in the world’s only ice climbing car park!


From parking attendants to a fully automatic spot-accurate parking guidance solution.


With clever ways and Parquery, visitors can easily find a vacant spot at 1,800 meters above the sea in a maze of 10 levels and 2 wings

A parking lot like no other


In winter, the garage's spiraling access ramp is transformed into an arena of over 30 meters in height to host the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup. Also outside the world cup, the so-called ‘Ice Dome’ welcomes climbers with routes of varying difficulty.

Curious glances of motorists guaranteed!


Parquery supports the ice climbing world cup

The Need



Guide the car-free village’s guests and citizens directly to a vacant spot in the 10-story car park.

Parquery guides visitors to a parking spot before entering the car-free zone
Parquery helps replace static signs with digital guidance signs that display live availability

Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG



  • Affordable, accurate, efficient parking guidance
  • Replace static signs with digital guidance signs that display live availability
  • Business intelligence on parking: analytics for each individual parking spot
  • Solution that matches Saas-Fee’s European Energy Award

Neighboring Zermatt, and framed by the Mischabel mountain range with 11 peaks over 4,000 meters, Saas-Fee is one of Switzerland’s most famous classic ski resorts and very popular in summer, too.

Parquery monitors the parking garage of the Swiss iconic Saas-Fee ski resort

Saas-Fee is located on a high alpine plateau at 1,800 meters at the base of Switzerland’s tallest mountain, the Dom. The village kept its rustic charm, and visitors stroll along cobblestone alleys between centuries-old charming wood houses when not on mountain adventures.

A road built only in 1951 connects Saas Fee to the valley. However, cars are not - and have never been - allowed in the village.

Parquery monitors the parking garage of the Swiss iconic Saas-Fee in Valais
Existing static routing signs do not aid in locating a vacant parking spot.

Existing static routing signs do not aid in locating a vacant parking spot.

Guests leave their cars in a 10-story indoor car park at the village entrance and change to an electric vehicle or walk. With the resort attracting up to 9,000 visitors in the high season, finding a vacant spot in such a large lot can become a veritable challenge. Not the way to start a holiday.

Thus, Saas-Fee was looking for an accurate and affordable indoor parking guidance solution. They want to get their visitors to a vacant parking bay quickly and smoothly, and get them on a great start to their mountain holiday.

They found their match in clever ways' proposal and Parquery’s smart parking solution that provides real-time occupancy information and analytics for each spot.


Parquery provides an accurate and affordable indoor parking guidance solution

Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, Finnegan Laver

The Solution


One fisheye camera for every 10-12 spots, 10 digital guidance panels, Parquery’s AI, and the dashboard to manage it all.




Highlights and hurdles overcome in the project


  • A complex building structure with extensions from expansion stages accounted for with careful conception and planning by the project partners
  • Low headroom overcome with extreme fisheye cameras and Parquery’s powerful image analysis
  • A tight budget and low power consumption needs met with the minimum amount of sensors
  • Delays in the delivery of the client's server, bridged with Parquery’s cloud service
  • Customized functionality for controlling the parking guidance system remotely in the dashboard
Parquery monitors the entrance parking garage in Saas-Fee
clever ways


Our partner clever ways, specialists in digital transformation and IoT architects, developed the tailor-made concept for parking guidance, and managed the project, providing all-round support to the customer during implementation.

For this scenario, we were scouting for the most suitable and efficient solution. We found it in the camera-based software solution of Parquery and incorporated it into the design.

Thomas Imfeld and Charles Biaggi, CEOs clever ways


The joint approach convinced Saas Fee. Of the approximately 1’400 covered guest parking spots on 10 levels, Parquery monitors nearly 500 on 6 levels of the garage in this first stage. Six parking spots are reserved for people with limited mobility, and eight for e-charging electric vehicles. These are accounted for individually in the parking guidance system. 


Parquery monitors nearly 500 on 6 levels

Photo: SSA Architekten AG BSA SIA, Basel



Substantial savings compared to conventional indoor sensors


Combined with Parquery’s technology, fisheye cameras with a 180-degree field of view become multi-spot sensors: each camera simultaneously monitors about 12 parking spots. Our AI-based solution analyzes the camera images and determines for each parking spot whether or not it is in use and for how long. 

Thus, Saas Fee could replace 12 individual sensors with one camera, and thus, achieve significant cost savings. Thereby, the Parquery approach allows for savings on multiple fronts compared to individual conventional interior sensors:

  • hardware, 
  • cable runs, 
  • installation, 
  • maintenance, 
  • power,
  • and running costs.
One camera replaces 12 - 20 individual indoor sensors

The parking garage in Saas-Fee is architecturally very complex and also has annexes. Therefore, a solution with little hardware is crucial. Pull in the cable, mount the camera, and you're almost done. 

What impressed us was that it worked right from the start, particularly in such a large complex parking garage and with so many devices. 

Thomas Imfeld and Charles Biaggi, CEOs clever ways
Dahua fisheye cameras installed in Saas Feed parking garage guide drivers to free parking spots with Parquery
180 degree fisheye cameras as parking sensors for 12- 20 spots in indoor garages

Dahua’s fisheye cameras mounted in Saas Fee and their view on the parking lot.

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Sustainable, reliable, and robust


Less hardware also means fewer points of failure, thus more robust systems, and less power consumption. 

The mountain community of Saas Fee has long been committed to the careful use of resources and reduction of CO2, and consistently pursued a sustainable energy policy. In recognition thereof, it has been awarded the European Energy Award (EEA)

Saas Fee is a car-free village on a mountain plateau. Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, PuzzleMedia

Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, PuzzleMedi

Thus, reducing search traffic in the parking lot is a logical step, leading to both less CO2 and more satisfied guests. Parquery’s software solution requires little hardware and, thus, fewer resources and has a lower energy consumption, fits the bill.  

The European Energy Award (EEA)is a distinction for municipalities that exemplify and implement a sustainable municipal energy policy. Certified cities promote renewable energies, low-impact mobility and the efficient use of resources.


To a vacant parking spot in the blink of an eye

Parquery's Smart Parking software analyzes the camera images and retrieves the live occupancy data. The number of vacant spots for each sector of the parking lot is then displayed on the guide panels. 

Project manager clever ways designed both the strategic positioning of the panels, as well as what is displayed on each. Hence, drivers see at a glance where, on which level and in what sector they can find a free parking space.  

Parquery’s Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates integrating live data, enforcement information, and statistics and analytics into any other software, app, or display.


Integrate Parquery


Parquery overcame various hurdles to make sure drivers are guided to a parking spot

Management tool for parking business analytics


Saas Fee parking garage dashboard floor overview

Overview of the occupancy of each level of the parking garage

Parquery’s dashboard is both 

  • management tool for parking and facility managers and 
  • an analytics and statistics instrument for parking business intelligence

It is interactive, flexible, and modular, allowing our clients to choose the very building blocks they need for their daily work. 


Our dashboard evolves with our customers and their needs.

Our Dashboard


What do you need from our dashboard? let us know


We customize our solutions: Remote control for Saas-Fee’s guidance system


Occasionally, parts of the parking garage need to be closed, e.g. for maintenance work or events. Therefore, the management needed an straightforward and expedient method to notify drivers of the closure of areas or entire levels. 

Accordingly, we customized our browser-based interactive dashboard to allow area closures at the click of a mouse. The digital guidance panels pick up on the change in real-time and divert drivers to available spots.

Saas Fee remote-controled parking guidance system with Parquery

Custom messages can be displayed on the guidance panels

Parquery's solution is stunning all by itself. Moreover, its dashboard is easy to understand, extremely user-friendly, and flexible. When you want to change something, modifications are quickly implemented.

It has a lot of added value. 

Thomas Imfeld and Charles Biaggi, CEOs clever ways


What do you need from our dashboard?    let us know


Individual consulting for each customer


Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, Filme von draussen

Photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, Filme von draussen

Each parking lot is different, and so are our customers’ requirements and needs. In Saas-Fee, each camera monitors up to 12 parking spots in 4 rows, despite a low ceiling of only about 2.2 meters. While clever ways conceived the entire system, Parquery focused on optimizing the camera coverage.


This required careful camera placement throughout the car park. Determining the number of cameras and their optimal locations is non-trivial: It is particular to each parking lot and depends on its layout, size, configuration, expected vehicles, access to power, and connectivity. 

For our customers, we take care of optimizing the camera locations during project planning. We model the parking lot with its layout and constraints in a computer simulation. This allows us to establish the optimal coverage with the least amount of cameras while heeding the specific constraints. 


Saas Fee indoor parking garage simulation to optimize camera coverage

One of the modeled floors with 7 cameras for a total of 93 parking spots.


Saas Fee simulation of the optimized capture area of one of the cameras
simulated fisheye camera view
Fisheye camera view

Scope of a single camera on the floor plan and its rendered and real camera view. Note that the van parked in the foreground (in place of the pink car in the simulation) does not hide the parking spots in the upper row. 


Simulations, planning, and deployment with Parquery.  Find out more


Header photo: Saastal Tourismus AG, Amarcster Media



More Parquery solutions for ski and mountain resorts


Analyze guest numbers and distribution for systematic resort development.

Providing guests with exceptional holiday experiences demands knowing what visitors are looking for. An accurate understanding of where visitors go, what attracts them, which activities and offerings they engage with, and where they like spending time in the resort.

    Collecting this information with manual surveys requires considerable effort and cost and won’t ever capture the whole picture. With Parquery’s people counter, you can get the complete picture of visitor footfall in the entire resort or at key infrastructure and activities. It allows you to

    • allocate staff dynamically where needed, 
    • decide on marketing campaigns for distinct target groups or offerings, evaluate their impact, and 
    • ultimately provide customers with a perfect and memorable experience
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    Evaluate your road network, analyze incidents, make the traffic flow

    Charming villages tucked away in the mountains, nestling in remote valleys, perched atop a cliff overlooking the meadows, with narrow cobbled alleys winding between chalets. This is the image we have of mountain resorts.

    Not built for the requirements of today’s traffic and mobility, their guests often end up in the seemingly inevitable tie up on a long access road or in town. 

    The first and the last hoop to jump through for their vacation?

    Not necessarily. With traffic flow analysis you have a tool to improve the traffic situation for your guests and citizens. Find out which road users go where, where bottlenecks are, where most incidents occur, how traffic flow could be improved to reduce congestions. 

    winding snowy roads
    Parquery provides traffic analysis results to Provincie Utrecht

    Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands addresses problematic intersections with traffic flow analysis.


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    The skiing day begins at the parking lot. Guide your guests to the next vacant spot in your outdoor lot despite snow

    No one likes to worry about where to park the car before a day on the slopes. Driving on snowy winding mountain roads bumper-to-bumper with other winter sports enthusiasts can be daunting enough

      With smart parking, you'll pick your guests up beforehand: Inform them about available parking and live conditions before they leave home, and guide them to a free spot in real time. 

      Parquery does not only do indoor garages, but works when going gets tough: Our vehicle detection also works in ice and snow, when other sensors give in.


       Get your guests right on their skis, without parking worries

      Show me how

      vehicles covered in snow
      Parquery displays available parking spots in the town of Kranjska Gora


      Parquery displays available spots in Kranjska Gora ski station, in Slovenia

      Guests to the Ski-World-Cup city Kranjska Gora find parking even in the harshest of conditions

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      At Parquery, we go the famous extra mile.