Incident detection and traffic surveys with automatic real-time traffic flow measurement


Optimize your transport management, improve road safety, and plan strategically for a sustainable mobility future


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In a nutshell:

How Parquery's solution measures traffic flow

Identify road safety risks


Where are safety-critical hotspots?

What driver behavior leads to accidents?

How do crashes and near-collisions happen?

Find out how your road network is used by which user group

Which are the preferred routes for cyclists?

Are trucks following the recommended paths?

Where do pedestrians encounter obstacles?

How does each stream of road users circulate through the city?

Find out how your road network is used with Parquery's solution
Direct traffic following demand with Parquery's solution

Be ahead of traffic jams


Where are the bottlenecks?

Where do we need ‘green waves’ or diversions?

Which areas are impacted by air pollution?

Plan strategically

Gather the data for a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

What do we want our transport future to look like?

Which groups of road users favor what routes through the city?

How and where do we need to protect vulnerable road users better?

How can we promote mobility modalities other than individual cars?

Where are potential conflicts between user groups?

Evaluate the existing transportation situation with Parquery's solution

How to obtain this insight and data?


Placed at problematic points such as crossroads, traffic circles, main traffic axes, safety-relevant road segments, or region-wide, cameras act as traffic sensors and automatically monitor the transportation situation 24/7. Parquery’s smart computer algorithms analyze the video data and provide a powerful tool for traffic analysis and incident detection.


Gain profound insight into your traffic with a wealth of data


Visually measure the traffic flow with intelligent cameras placed overhead. Parquery’s innovative Artificial Intelligence lets you transform any camera into a powerful traffic analysis tool far beyond a conventional traffic counter.

Gain profound insight into your traffic with Parquery's wealth of data

From monitoring a single hazardous intersection, traffic circle, or road section to mapping a regional traffic network - Parquery’s modular camera-based solution sheds light on traffic load and driver behavior. Obtain comprehensive monitoring of traffic volume, flow, distribution, and modalities over time and geographically.

Distinguish road user categories (e.g. trucks and lorries, buses and coaches, passenger cars, motorbikes, cyclists, and pedestrians) in images and videos in real-time and convert their movement and trajectories into actionable data.

  • Monitor both live and past traffic situations
    Determine and analyze current and statistical traffic flow parameters such as traffic volume, speed distribution, and queue lengths across the network.
  • Detect incidents
    Be alerted to traffic incidents, accidents, near-collisions, and rule violations, e.g., a vehicle that drives the wrong way.
  • Analyze incidents
    Investigate and reconstruct traffic incidents with automatically recorded video snippets augmented with traffic participant data, e.g., trajectory, speed, or acceleration. Analyze, evaluate, and compare data with in-depth statistics and analytics.


Who needs traffic flow and traffic counting data?


Traffic engineers and controllers


Cope with the daily chaos.


  • Achieve a safer, more efficient, and ‘smarter’ use of your road and transportation network
  • Be aware of developing congestions, waiting times and queue lengths at signals and roundabouts
  • Regulate traffic light signals and direct traffic based on volume and flow rates
  • Find bottlenecks in the mobility infrastructure
  • Prioritize road user groups, e.g., green wave for bikes, or priority for pedestrians
Parquery helps traffic controllers cope with the daily chaos

Road safety managers


Save lives.


  • Improve objective and subjective road safety
  • Ascertain traffic patterns associated with crash risks and act on them
  • Investigate and reconstruct incidents and learn from them
  • Evaluate counter measures - e.g., did the reduced speed reduce accidents?
Parquery helps road safety managers save lives

Traffic and urban developers


Make policies based on evidence, foster change, and make the city more liveable.


  • Assess the traffic and usage patterns, survey driver behavior
    • Determine causes of traffic jams
    • Find bottlenecks in the transport network
  • Create lively and liveable communities by developing a mixed-use, compact city with short paths
    • Encourage differentmobility modalities, e.g., ‘green wave’ for bikes, priority for pedestrians (e.g., particularly in inclement weather)
    • Achieve a greener city with more efficient traffic flow and less emissions and pollution
    • Establish sustainable and integrative planning processes (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, SUMP)
  • Evaluate policy changes
Parquery helps urban developers make policies based on evidence


Parquery helps traffic engineers make policies based on evidence

Traffic rule enforcement


Improve compliance with road laws.


  • Improve traffic safety
  • Ensure efficient traffic flow
  • Detect incidents and record evidence
  • Enforce driving restrictions and bans, e.g. in the city center
Parquery helps traffic rule enforcement officers

Asset managers


Make sure that traffic infrastructure and technical equipment runs smoothly.

  • Reduce maintenance and running costs and time with
    • Affordable sensors
    • An adaptive learning software solution instead of a one-size-fits-all product
    • Additional use for the existing or new infrastructure (e.g., CCTV and traffic flow)
  • Integrate traffic data easily with other data and analyze them across domains



Parquery helps asset managers make sure that traffic infrastructure runs smoothly

Data protection and privacy are guaranteed with Parquery


GDPR - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

We strictly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

Our dedicated data protection page explains how and which options are available.

Our software can run on-premise, at the edge, or on Parquery’s cloud servers. Find out more about server options.

CH - FADP - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

Use case: Pilot project in the Netherlands with Hyrde and Vialis


In collaboration with Hyrde and Vialis, Parquery has been monitoring a problematic intersection with dense traffic and high crash risk in the Netherlands. The primary goal was reducing accidents and automatically alerting officers of incidents, such as of driving behavior associated with crash risks. 

Additionally, the data is used as evidence for policy changes. The conclusion of continuous assessment and a dedicated test day where volunteers and stakeholders put the system through its paces instill confidence.

With existing techniques, it is difficult to obtain reliable data. This new way of gathering data and detecting incidents allows us to adjust policies and make the roads safer.
Bert Batenburg, Province of Utrecht

More information on the project at our partner's website Vialis


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