Parking management made easy with Parquery’s integration into Milestone Systems


Digitize your parking lot with Parquery and the leading Video Management System (VMS) Milestone


Parquery now provides real-time and historical parking data directly in Milestone: we joined Milestone’s partner community and integrated into their open platform.

Manage your parking directly in the well-known video management platform - all it takes is Parquery’s plugin for the Milestone VMS

For in-depth statistical analysis of parking usage, forecasts, reports, and enforcement tools, head over to Parquery’s browser-based interactive dashboard.


Explore the Dashboard


Milestone is the leading provider of Video Management Systems (VMS) and offers solutions for video surveillance, security and business optimisation. Parquery is a certified technology partner of Milestone and we integrate our solutions directly into the Milestone platform. Our Smart Parking Plugin allows the Milestone to seamlessly provide parking management data.


Camera and parking management inside Milestone 


Facility managers who use Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client extensively will appreciate the seamless management and configuration of the parking cameras through the familiar interface.

Additionally, they can access the occupancy data and parking duration overlaid on the camera images within the Smart Client in live and playback modes. In playback mode, a slider allows the user to scroll through the image history and view the occupancy state at any point in time.

Real-time parking data displayed in the Milestone VMS


Map view of the parking lot with occupancy data


Historical parking data for each stored image in the Milestone VMS



Multi-purpose: security camera and parking sensors with one device


The cameras are not limited to parking alone: they can be dual- or even multi-purpose. For example, customers can continue using their cameras for surveillance and security as usual, with all the regular alarms and events Milestone offers, such as motion detection.

Moreover, Milestone’s alarm system can alert to technical issues, such as a camera view offset due to strong wind or vandalism, data archiving issues, or lack of disk space.


Parking alerts within Milestone


Let Milestone's alarm system alert you to parking violations: Parquery can be integrated and trigger common actions and events, such as desktop notifications, sound signals, video recordings, etc. 

Find out about alerts


Parking data business intelligence and parking management


Parquery offers a comprehensive suite for parking data intelligence and management. Parking executives can leverage a robust management system that includes

  • live views,
  • historical data,
  • statistics and analytics,
  • parking enforcement tools,
  • occupancy and turnover forecasting, and
  • a pricing management system.


Check out the dashboard      Explore Statistics & Analytics

Keeping track with the real-time display in the Parquery dashboard

Comprehensive analytics on the parking data are available in Parquery’s dashboard


How to configure cameras as parking sensors


To configure the parking cameras for single or multi-purpose use, a customer has two options: 

  • Install Parquery’s so-called ‘image publisher service’ that integrates with Milestone and allows configuring all the cameras from within Milestone for automatic image transmission or 
  • Use our standard method of configuring the cameras to directly send the images to Parquery’s server. 

Either method works flawlessly and fast

Configure and manage the cameras within Milestone


After installing Parquery’s image publisher plugin, you will see a list of their cameras on the XProtect Management Client. Simply select the cameras you want to use as parking sensors. 

As usual, we at Parquery are on our customers’ and partners’ side and will guide you through the installation and configuration. 

Enabling the parking analysis for a camera in Milestone allows you to use a camera for parking monitoring


Parquery settings to connect to the AI server that processes the images and the analysis interval


Parquery is a proud partner of Milestone

Milestone is the leading provider of Video Management Systems (VMS). With Parquery’s smart parking plugin, the software can seamlessly provide parking management data. Milestone’s support team was a great and responsive support during development.


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