The mountains are calling. Gasteiner cable cars analyze visitor distribution across their mountain resort with Parquery


Deliver a perfect and memorable holiday experience for every single guest


The Need



Understand footfall and visitor traffic across the resort to deliver an optimal experience for each and every guest.

Understand footfall and visitor traffic across the ski resort with Parquery
Parquery helps managers optimize marketing campaigns and optimize staffing



  • Gather data for visitor management
  • Optimize marketing campaigns
  • Optimize staffing
  • Monitor maximum capacity compliance with Covid-19 regulations


The Gastein valley in Salzburg, Austria, is a year-round destination, drawing visitors to its famous natural hot-spring spas and stunning mountain scenery. In the winter part of Europe’s second largest ski area, The Ski Amadé, the Gastein resort is famed for its fabulous skiing and snowboarding. It welcomes about 14-15,000 guests a day. A range of varied activities for all ages and tastes makes it a top summer destination, too.

Parquery provides visitor footfall analysis in GasteinParquery provides visitor footfall analysis in Ski Amadé region

There is something for everyone on the mountain; only with diversification do you make it enjoyable for everybody. Then everyone has their personal mountain experience.

Matthias Egger, deputy operations manager of Schlossalmbahn

Gasteiner cable cars strive for their guests to get what they are looking for - their personal mountain experience - without feeling crowded. This needs careful management and an accurate understanding of

  • where guests go,
  • how visitor streams distribute the resort, the attractions and activities,
  • how well each target audience is reached,
  • how busy each area gets at what time of the day and season.




Ticket numbers and turnstile data are not enough

Parquery is needed because ticket numbers and turnstile data are insufficient

How do people spread on the mountain?


Cable car tickets give an idea of guest numbers. Turnstiles at their entrances record when and how many visitors board which gondola, chair lift, or cable car. However, they do not tell where people go afterwards or what drew them in.

The fact that someone gets on at 10 o'clock at the turnstile does not tell us what they will do on the mountain.

We wanted to compare how many people are at what location at which time.

Matthias Egger, deputy operations manager of Schlossalmbahn

Thus, Gasteiner cable cars was looking for a solution that provides a deeper understanding of people's movement on the mountain. They found it in Parquery’s visitor footfall analysis.

The Solution

Parquery’s dashboard provides analytics and exportable data for the management


12 existing cameras at key infrastructure in the valley and on the mountain, Parquery’s dashboard and data export for the management, and Parquery’s AI to do the magic.


The optimal mountain experience for every guest



Gasteiner cable cars initiated a year-long audit to obtain footfall data as a first step towards a visitor management system.


With Parquery’s people counting solution, Gastein could use 12 existing cameras to analyze visitor footfall in key locations of the resort, e.g. the ticketing area, the children’s playground, a viewing platform, or the starting points of their most popular hiking and climbing trails. Over one winter and one summer season, the cameras recorded the occupancy level using still images captured in a 5-minute interval.


Naturally, requirements in a mountain resort change between seasons: summer infrastructure and activities hibernate during the skiing season. Accordingly, cameras were relocated between seasons - a need Parquery's learning solution is made for. It is flexible and modular, so extending it is as easy as adding a camera, and thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powering it, adapts quickly to previously unseen scenes.


Parquery's AI explained




With Parquery, we were able to analyze the flow of people in the ski area quickly and easily. Thanks to the data obtained, we can continue to optimize our ski area in a targeted manner.

Matthias Egger, deputy operations manager of Schlossalmbahn


Benefits of adopting visitor footfall analysis in brief


Matthias Egger works with Parquery in Schlossalmbahn

Gasteiner cable cars in interview

Gasteiner Bergbahnen benefit from camera-based footfall data. Matthias Egger explains how. 

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