Optimize warehouse operations with analytics and AI

Receive real-time results on pallets and goods detection in warehouses for logistics management.

Improve the efficiency of logistics parks and warehouses with Parquery's smart solutions. Optimize processes at loading bays, arrival areas, goods handling, and in truck waiting areas:

  • optimize in-flow and out-flow of goods,
  • monitor loading docks and doors, and manage  truck waiting areas, 
  • automatically guide delivery drivers to a vacant loading bay,
  • reduce dock delays and detention of trucks, 
  • keep on top of goods queues in the receiving and shipping areas,
  • determine hot lanes with high goods turnover, and receive analytics on each sector or loading dock.

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Make logistics more efficient

Use Case: Pilot project for the warehouse of an international retail group

Our partner vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH approached us to develop a pallet management solution for one of the warehouses of an international retail corporation. Their goal was to streamline the goods-receiving process and take a step towards digitizing the supply chain.


Adding value to existing infrastructure

vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH
Warehouse inflow area with a camera overhead. Due to contractual agreements, a sketch is shown in place of actual footage.

Goods receiving area with a telescopic ceiling-mounted camera.

Overhead surveillance cameras capture the goods receiving area of the large warehouse. These were upgraded with Parquery's artificial intelligence (AI), which detects pallets in the camera images and extracts real-time usage and analytical data of each pallet lane.

The real-time information on empty aisles and vacant space is critical to on-site staff. The statistics and analytics proved valuable to warehouse operations and management. They shed light on which lanes are fully utilized and which are underused.



Typical queries include: Which aisles are occupied and for how long? Which are the high-turnover aisles (hotlanes)? And why?

Answering these questions with an automated computer vision solution adds value to existing infrastructure while helping to optimize warehouse logistics, for example, by directing goods that need to be distributed quickly to hotlanes where they can be turned over quickly.


Warehouse management dashboard

Warehouse management dashboard - high-turnover and slow-moving goods aisles can be identified at a glance. The manager can then delve into a deeper enquiry with Parquery's analytics.

Warehouse inflow area bird eye view from a camera. Due to contractual agreements, a sketch is shown in place of actual footage.

Camera view of the goods receiving area. Due to contractual agreements, sketches are shown in place of actual footage.

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