Frauenfeld: Digitized parking management and a mobile parking guidance system for a Swiss cantonal capital


The town of Frauenfeld improves urban living by redefining parking management with Parquery's AI and anthrazit's mobile app

In a nutshell: With responsible AI to a vacant parking spot


Together with the city of Frauenfeld and the Swiss municipal app developer anthrazit AG, the Frauenfeld security specialist Siedler Alarm and other providers (hardware), we successfully realized a future-oriented and cost-effective mobile parking guidance system (mobile PGS).

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As part of the Canton of Zurich's Innovation Sandbox for AI initiative, our solution was put through its paces. The aim was to implement and evaluate a framework for the responsible implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in municipalities and make it replicable for other municipalities.

Concrete recommendations were developed and tested in the pilot project. The findings and best practices are documented in a comprehensive report to enable other municipalities to benefit from them. Particular attention was paid to data protection, privacy and the requirements and challenges of municipal smart parking and parking guidance systems. 

Ask us for the report with best practice recommendations for cities and municipalities! 

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Our term ‘mobile PGS’ refers to providing parking information into the hands of end users. These channels include websites, web apps, smartphone apps and, in future, vehicle navigation systems instead of roadside display boards.

Parking information at our fingertips: With Parquery and anthrazit


The Need


Parking guidance system without physical guidance signs, digitized parking management and parking data collection for urban planning


As the canton's capital and an important economic hub in the region, the city of Frauenfeld attracts many commuters by car each day. The search for a parking space is a daily struggle and a burden. 

Since December 2023, a novel mobile PGS has therefore been guiding drivers to the nearest free parking space. The mobile PGS on the smartphone reflects the zeitgeist of digitalization and delivering data to end users on their personal devices. 

Other advantages for the city were considerable financial savings and quick implementation compared to a classic parking guidance system with sensors and display boards. 

A classic parking guidance system with boards costs over a million francs. Frauenfeld has seized the opportunity to start a pilot with an alternative digital system.

Peter Koch, Projekt manager for the city of Frauenfeld


The Solution 


Next-generation mobile parking guidance system (PGS) with cameras, AI and app, alongside with parking intelligence that provides analytics and statistics on usage.

  • Economical solution that can be implemented swiftly 
  • Cameras and AI record parking space occupancy
  • Privacy protection guaranteed through physical, technical and organizational measures
  • Digital app as a mobile parking guidance system
  • Effortless digital parking space management with remote access via Parquery dashboard
  • Urban planning thanks to parking space utilization data


Harnessing Cameras, AI and an App for Real-Time Parking Guidance


Parquery's smart parking solution uses a combination of AI and strategically placed cameras to provide drivers with real-time information about available parking across five key parking areas in Frauenfeld. 

The cameras capture still images every two minutes. The AI evaluates the images and converts them into live occupancy data. The images are immediately deleted.

Thanks to the integration with the app connection, drivers can call up this real-time parking info directly on their smartphone.

Seamless and intuitive parking guidance system at their fingertips.

What's Parquery's AI?



Digitized parking management - as flexible as the city itself


In Frauenfeld, numerous events such as carnival and Christmas markets take place on the large parking areas and in the city center. 

Thanks to digitalized parking space management, the city can use the Parquery Dashboard to schedule closures of the affected parking spaces in advance. During the events, drivers are automatically directed to other available parking. The real-time information on parking is delivered directly to citizens' smartphones and on the website.

This optimized approach ensures smooth parking without congestion and chaos.

With the help of cameras, AI and a mobile app, drivers find a vacant parking spot.



Municipality App and Mobile Parking Guidance with Added Value

The mobile PGS is a module of anthrazit's Regio-Frauenfeld-App. In addition to the seamless parking experience, it offers a suite of administrative services, news updates, and communication channels.

This app goes beyond directing drivers to the nearest parking; but introduces a range of features. With push notifications, drivers receive real-time updates and be informed when a spot gets vacant, empowering them to make timely decisions. It also provides an overview of the parking availability history, allowing drivers to anticipate future developments. 

By providing commuters with parking insights before they even get in the car, the app becomes a proactive tool. It informs about availability and, thus, encourages the use of alternative transport modalities such as public transit or cycling during peak hours. This strategic approach has a positive effect on the traffic situation and improves everyone's mobility.

Delivering real-time parking data to citizens via a mobile PGS exemplifies forward-thinking practices that align with responsible and user-friendly technology for municipalities. As individual mobility is evolving and urban space is used more consciously, quality of life improves as a result of less search traffic, congestion, noise and emissions.


The app receives the data via Parquery's API, allowing apps and other software to embed and use all parking data.

More about the API

anthrazit AG - Smart Government Apps

anthrazit AG, a Swiss software provider, specializes in delivering digital services for municipalities. Their modular app helps municipalities strengthen community connections under their own brand.

By seamlessly integrating new features and connecting to systems like Parquery, the app allows administrative authorities to inform residents and enhance engagement. This is how municipalities can embrace digital services to complement analog life.

Latest Addition: Mobile Parking Guidance System (mobile PGS)

Building on the success of our smart parking solution, anthrazit AG has launched a cost-effective mobile PGS. It provides municipalities with convenient solutions, offering benefits similar to traditional setups with physical display boards at a fraction of the cost.

Find out more about the mobile parking guidance system on anthrazit's website 


anthrazit's apps are only available in German. Ask us for alternative apps in your language. Contact us


Commuters can see how parking availability develops and decide on their means of transportation or parking area before they start.


Data and Privacy Protection

Cameras in public space require careful data protection and personal rights. Parquery’s solution does rely on presence only, without needing to identify a car.

Parquery implements data and privacy protection through a combination of technical and organizational measures that ensure that no personal data is collected, stored, or used.

These measures include

Cameras mounted up high to prevent face and license plate identification from the outset (birds-eye view).

 Low image resolution to further deter identification.

 Privacy masks to hide areas irrelevant to parking status.

 Snapshots in a time interval instead of continuous video.

Prompt image deletion, only non-personal numerical and statistical data is stored.

Parquery ensures privacy protection and compliance with European and national data protection and privacy laws.

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Very high cameras give a birds-eye view of the parking and prevent people or license plates from being recognized.
Photo: SRF, Schweiz Aktuell (full TV report with subtitles on our youtube channel)


Positive Feedback: Concept Validation and Frauenfeld as a Role Model


The positive response from Frauenfeld's population underscores the relevance of the joint solution in tackling parking problems and improving urban mobility. Citizens appreciated the app-based PGS for its user-friendly operation and effectiveness in helping them locate parking.

The partnership between Parquery, anthrazit and Frauenfeld, along with the accomplished outcomes, serves as a guiding example for cities and municipalities grappling with urban mobility and parking challenges. It stands as an inspiration for shaping and enhancing urban quality of life.



The innovative mobile PGS on TV and video


The popular Swiss television program "Schweiz Aktuell" and TeleTOP Medien featured the new mobile PGS and showcased how the collaboration between Parquery, Frauenfeld and anthrazit is improving the parking situation in Frauenfeld with the help of state-of-the-art technology.


Watch the TV report (with subtitles)


TeleTOP presents the system and shows what business owners in the city center think.

Watch the TV report (with subtitles)


The video by Innovation Sandbox for AI of the Zurich Metropolitan Area presents the project with special regard to privacy and data protection measures.

Watch the video (with subtitles)


Key Features of the Smart Parking Solution


  • Real-time parking data
    Provides drivers with real-time information about available parking spaces across the city.
  • User-friendly app
    The app is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to both residents and visitors.
  • Improve urban mobility
    Reduces parking search time and frustration, leading to smoother traffic flow and improved overall mobility.
  • Data-driven insights
    Provides valuable data to municipalities for optimizing parking strategies and improving urban planning.


Parking management information at a glance - With parking data for effective urban and traffic planning.

Collaboration for a Better Future: Paving the Way for Innovation


Another pioneering project in the center of Murten relies on the combination of Parquery and SWARCO's roadside guidance panels. Residents and day-trippers can find their way to the nearest free parking space.

Murten - a signposting PGS

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