Which cameras do I need? How many? Where should I install them?


There are important factors to consider when you are implementing a camera-based smart parking solution. They have to be installed at an ideal location, plugged into a reliable power source, and connected to a local network or the internet.




Which kind of camera?


Any Internet Protocol (IP) camera model will do.

An IP camera is a type of digital (video) camera that transfers image data via a network.

We have worked with all major brands including Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung, Wenhua and many others.


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Can I use existing cameras?


Yes, Parquery’s solution also works with any existing cameras.

If you already have cameras installed, then no other infrastructure is required. Parquery’s solution can connect to your existing cameras and we can begin monitoring your parking area right away.


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What if I have no cameras yet?


If there are no existing cameras, we can help. We support smart parking partners and facility managers by determining the ideal camera location by simulation, as well as by using modern IP Video System Design Tools.

  • Any camera can be used, provided images can be sent via network.
  • We only need 30 pixels to detect a vehicle in an image, so no specific camera resolution is required.

All Parquery needs is a map or an address of the parking area you wish to monitor, and we will get back to you with a simulation of the number and the ideal locations of cameras.

Parquery can provide a simulation of the number of camera required with an address or a map.
Parquery can provide a simulation of the number of camera required with an address or a map.
The simulation of the camera view shows which parking spots can be monitored.
The simulation of the camera view shows exactly which parking spots can be monitored.


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What is the ideal camera view?


An ideal camera view to detect vehicles is to see them from the front or from the back.
If vehicles are seen from the front or from the back, there is less risk of occlusion.
Vehicles can hide each other when they are seen in a profile section.
If vehicles are seen in profile, vehicles in front hide the ones in the back.

How does it work?


Parquery’s innovative AI algorithms detect any object in pictures from any camera. In smart parking, specific vehicles (boats, trains, trucks, etc.) or road vehicles are detected in parking spots. Images are automatically deleted, and real-time results are given to partners or facility managers via an API or Dashboard.


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The support is very good and the technical solution is also good.

I would highlight the support given during the sales stage where Parquery also supports with defining the technical solution and provides drawings of locations, this is very important for us and our customers.


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Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.



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