Smart marinas: Live berth availability and analytics with Parquery


Turn your webcam or security camera into a berth finder: Parquery's AI solution detects any boat in images from any camera, also existing cameras, and provides availability information.


Parking experts go sailing.

Our 99 % accurate vehicle detection for pleasure boats, yachts, and ships.

Guide skippers directly to their berth with Parquery

With the click of a mouse, port authorities

  • detect yacht arrivals and departures,
  • automatically determine how long each boat stayed in the harbor,
  • find vacant berths, 
  • inform customers about live availability, and
  • guide skippers and captains directly to an empty berth with an app, digital signs, or an interactive online map,
  • receive customizable alerts, e.g., for overstaying yachts,
  • access historical data and
  • get business intelligence with comprehensive statistics and analytics.

Interactive dashboard

Manage everything from an online interactive dashboard with live and historical maps, camera views, and intelligible statistics.

More about the dashboard

Interactive dashboard for marinas and harbours
Integrate our berthing analysis results into your mobile app, navigation app, website, management software, payment system etc

Use the results in your own way

Make even more of it and integrate the results on your website, software, apps, or digital displays, e.g., show a live availability map, create an online reservation system, or let skippers navigate straight to their assigned berths.

No limits to your imagination: use our Application Programming Interface (API) that delivers everything you see on the dashboard to create your custom solution.

Find out about the API

Create new revenue opportunities and offer outstanding service to your customers thanks to a clear overview of your berths, arrivals, and departures. 

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We will be there with you every step of the way to Smart Marina and automated berth management.


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