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At Parquery, we understand that transportation, traffic, and parking solutions are as unique as the locations they serve.


One-size-fits-all solutions don't work in the real world, and claiming so reflects a lack of experience with the diverse range of transportation and parking situations we've seen and successfully solved.

Embrace the individuality, and let us tailor a solution just for you.

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Pricing Models


We offer the flexibililty of two pricing models that serve different requirements.

1. Subscription (SaaS)

No upfront costs; predictable, subscription-based payments; complete flexibility and scalability for software deployment:

  • In the Parquery cloud (the carefree package),
  • In the customer's cloud, or their on-premises (full data custody)
  • On-edge or embedded in Axis cameras (footage stays on-site)

For more information, see server options


2. License/purchase option (CapEx). 

Software ownership with a single upfront payment for perpetual use and low recurring costs for software maintenance and updates.

The software runs on the customer's server or cloud.

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What influences the pricing?


For parking projects, we charge per spot—the number of cameras is irrelevant. The exact cost per spot depends primarily on the following:

  • Project volume (number of parking spaces)
  • Contract duration
  • Desired features and integrations
  • Image capture interval


For all other projects, such as traffic flow measurement or passenger counting, we charge per camera; the influencing factors include:

  • Project volume (number of cameras)
  • Contract duration
  • Desired functions and integrations


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Pricing Transparency

We value transparency. Our pricing structure contains no hidden fees. Understand the cost breakdown and make informed decisions.

Don’t settle for less.

Get the solution that fits. Reach out for a consultation, and let's design a tailored mobility solution that suits you.

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Client Success Stories


Find out how we have successfully developed individual parking, logistics and mobility solutions for customers with diverse business requirements. Read their stories and discover first-hand a range of possibilities for your location. 


We decided to work with Parquery because of their support and value for money.

We are very satisfied.


A. Sousa, Siemens Mobility

Other costs to expect for a full system.


Depending on existing infrastructure that can be re-used, expect the following costs for installing a new camera-based system.

If cameras are already installed and cover the area well, no additional infrastructure is needed: we’ll use the same cameras you use for surveillance (CCTV), smart lighting, timelapse videos, or even publicy available webcams.

Power Supply
New cameras require a reliable power supply. Autonomous solar-powered cameras are a viable alternative depending on the location and climate. 

Cameras need a connection to a local network or the internet to transmit the footage for analysis to an on-site server or to Parquery’s cloud servers.

No civil or road works
Unlike other approaches, such as sensors, barriers, or magnetic loops, Parquery’s solution does not require major intervetions, civil or road works.

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