Stop Circling, Start Parking!


Find a vacant spot, how long each vehicle parks, who has overstayed.


Get real-time results, enforcement tools, statistics and analytics on your parking area.

Turn any camera into a smart parking sensor with Parquery’s AI.


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Hassle-free, 99%-accurate, affordable smart parking


All you need is a camera overlooking your parking area. Any camera. 

Our solution

  • works with absolutely any kind of camera,
  • detects any kind of vehicle or object, and
  • is customized and calibrated on your parking area,


This set us apart from all our competitors. Don't settle for less.


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Get Smart Parking for Any Kind Of Parking. 


any vehicle or object

indoors or outdoors

with markings or without

permanent or temporary 

in good weather or bad


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Manage your parking from anywhere


Connect your camera to internet and power. We take care of the rest. 


Alternatives to Parquery's cloud, e.g. on your premises, at the edge, inside AXIS cameras: 

Software deployment  à la carte

Facility managers get real-time data on Parquery interactive dashboard in only a few clicks



Parquery locates how many parking spots are available on ski stations

Guide to vacant parking

Direct drivers to available spots with digital display boards or an app.




Managers identify vehicles wrongly parked

Find parking violators

Receive real-time notifications when vehicles are parked incorrectly, parked for too long, or parked in reserved spaces (e.g. for e-charging stations, for drivers with reduced mobility, etc.).

Real-Time Alerts

Managers get structured analytics to understand their parking areas

Understand usage

Get analytics for the entire parking lot or by zone, monitor changes over time, or compare time periods. All results are available on an interactive, customizable dashboard.



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Long story short: All you need is a camera.

Any camera.
Even a webcam.
We'll take care of the rest.

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Parquery detects vehicles on images from any camera.

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