Smart Parking & Traffic Surveys - Made Easy with Tethered Drones!


Say goodbye to hassle, manuel labor, and equipment installation.


Get real-time parking, traffic, and pedestrian data in an instant. Test our technology, run a pilot project, or direct drivers with a mobile parking guidance system at an event. The possibilities are endless.

Looking for a more effective way? 


Parquery and Fotokite bring to you an innovative solution for parking management and traffic needs – tethered drones as instant mobile cameras. There is no need for costly and time-consuming equipment installation; instead, you get insights instantly.

Parquery's drone-based solution offers a quick, cost-effective alternative to conventional methods, particularly for temporary installations such as surveys, events, and pilot projects. 

In partnership with the Swiss company Fotokite, we introduce tethered drones for parking and traffic solutions. No pilot needed for flying this drone.

Key Highlights

Parquery's drone-based solution eliminates hurdles of conventional solutions, allowing you to:

  • Deploy in an instant
    No more waiting for equipment installation. With tethered drones, we arrive on-site and start immediately.
  • Reduce the costs
    Save on upfront expenses and maintenance costs for equipment. Rent the drone for the desired duration.
  • Scale to fit
    Adapt the project scope to your needs, from small surveys to large-scale events.
  • Protect privacy
    Our solution captures anonymized data only, ensuring privacy for everyone involved.
  • Process on-site
    Our software can run on-site - no need for cloud storage and no privacy concerns.


Fotokite flown from its rooftop box.
Built directly into the roof rack of vehicles, Fotokite provides the first practical daily-use tool for aerial intelligence.
(Photos © Fotokite)


Fotokite's actively tethered drones save team resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button.

No piloting necessary.

Fotokite Sigma is authorized and recognized by aviation authorities as a safer alternative to non-actively tethered drones and free-flying drone systems.

Use cases for drone-based smart parking


Parking Surveys

Gain comprehensive data on parking utilization patterns without disrupting daily operations.

Conventional methods for parking surveys, such as manual counts, clicker counts, surveys or surveys via mobile app, are labor-intensive, prone to errors, partly depend on user participation, and can only be carried out at long intervals.

The result: incomplete data. 

With a drone, such problems are history. Up to 300 parking spaces can be monitored in real time, providing reliable, complete and up-to-date data. 


Event Parking Guidance

Streamline parking at events with live guidance, reducing congestion and frustration.

Typically, event parking relies on static signs and staff at critical locations connected over radio, requiring a lot of human resources and coordination.

With a drone, all parking attendants see the live availability in all areas, allowing them to make targeted routing decisions. In addition, mobile variable message signs (VMS) or LED road signs can be rented, connected to the Parquery system and used for effective guidance. 


Pilot Projects

Try before you buy. Test our technology and parking management strategies with real-time data before making permanent changes.

Before investing in our solution or any other smart parking technology, such as in-ground sensors which might involve hardware purchases and road works, take advantage of our pilot projects to ensure compatibility and effectiveness.


Use cases for drone-based traffic and pedestrian surveys


Traffic flow analysis

Measure traffic volume, speed, congestion patterns, vehicle types, incidents at intersections, highways, and urban areas.


Road safety assessments

Identification of potential safety risks through analysis of traffic events, behavior, incidents, near misses and accidents. 


Pedestrian flow analysis

Understand pedestrian movement patterns in public spaces, shopping districts, and event venues.


Construction site monitoring

Track traffic flow in or around construction zones to optimize traffic management and improve safety.


Event & crowd management

Gain insights into traffic or pedestrian flow patterns to improve event logistics and crowd management.


What you'll get

  • We take care of everything
    We provide the drone and the AI software to extract the parking data from the camera footage to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Expert Support
    Our team of specialists is here to guide you through the entire process, from project planning to data analysis.
  • Live monitoring
    Access live data feeds for pilot projects or event parking for guidance and optimizing usage.
  • Get valuable insights
    Collect comprehensive data and derive analytics for decision-making
  • Tailored to your needs
    Customizable to fit the specific needs of cities, shopping centers, or event organizers.
  • Partnership with Fotokite
    Leveraging their expertise in actively-tethered drone technology to deliver a robust and reliable solution.

Fotokite flown from its rooftop box.
Built directly into the roof rack of vehicles, Fotokite provides the first practical daily-use tool for aerial intelligence.
(Photos © Fotokite)

How it works

  1. Consultation
    We discuss your goals and determine the project's scope.
  2. Deployment
    Our team arrives with the tethered drone and sets up the equipment swiftly.
  3. Data collection
    The drone captures images or video and processes data in real time using Parquery's software. The tether ensures continuous power supply for continuous flight.
  4. Analysis
    You receive the processed data, raw footage (if applicable), and reports that translate the data into actionable insights.


At Parquery, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in parking management and traffic flow analysis. Our tethered drone solutions bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront, providing our clients unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.


Parquery everywhere

Parquery offers unique solutions for parking, traffic, logistics, and mobility - not only with drones, but with just about any camera.

We set ourselves apart from our competition with the abilities: 

  • Upgrade existing cameras: You don't need to buy new hardware. Turn your existing security cameras into multi-purpose sensors.
  • Flexible software deployment: Our software is designed to work in various environments. Choose to run it on:
    • Cloud servers (ours, partner's, client's)
    • Local servers (partner's, client's)
    • Edge computing devices on-site (directly near the cameras)
    • In AXIS cameras


Learn more on Parquery's in-depth analytics

Privacy and data protection

Our AI software analyzes the images and deletes them once processed. 

GDPR - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

Fully GDPR- and FADP-compliant


We strictly comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). Our dedicated data protection page explains how and which options are available.

CH - FADP - Parquery guarantees data protection and privacy

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