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The smart mobility market is in rapid expansion and offers extensive opportunities. As a technology partner, we help resellers, manufacturers, and service companies in the traffic, mobility, and parking industry add a digital and smart solution to their portfolio.

Keep in mind these points when choosing a technology partner:

  • Is the partner competitive?
  • Is the solution market-ready, reliable, robust and viable?
  • Can you check the partner's references?

With Parquery, the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!


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Over 80 smart parking projects in 30+ countries worldwide


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Our priority is to create added value for you. 

We start by jointly working out your requirements, constraints, and wishes in an introductory call. Together, we will figure out whether we are the right partner for you. If we are not, we will be happy to put you in touch with other providers who better meet your needs.



Resellers, system integrators, partners and customers in over 30 countries trust in Parquery. They grow their sales, boost their efficiency, and gain time, money, and space thanks to Parquery's AI.



You too can become part of our partner network.


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The path to partnering with Parquery

We start by making sure we understand your needs during an initial call. That’s how we ascertain that we can bring added value. If we cannot, we’ll put you in touch with another provider who can!

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that guarantees we will keep information about your projects confidential.

We run a pilot project to make sure everything is working smoothly.

We help you build your first reference showcase.

We support your marketing people and salesforce with training sessions and information.

We assist you during startup, helping you respond to your first customer requests.

We customize our solution as needed to fit into your portfolio.

We assign a dedicated success manager to help you take full advantage of your Parquery smart solution!

Who profits from a technology partnership with Parquery?


Parking companies and manufacturers use our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and computer vision expertise to stand out in the smart parking market.

use our AI technology to expand their portfolios, accelerate product processes, quicken product development and improve sales activities.

use our AI technology to create an easy added value to their solution, requiring no extra hardware.

for smart cities unlock a host of new opportunities. We can add AI features to any camera, even pre-installed units. Our technology extends beyond parking and vehicle detection, and is capable of detecting any object in images from any kind of camera.

appreciate our agile startup mindset. Even after six successful years in the market, we remain responsive, innovative and receptive to new ideas. Whether you’re interested in smart mobility, smart traffic or smart space management, Parquery has a matching solution for your business!

Are you applying for a public tender for smart cities?

Do you need to digitize your parking lot or road network?

We offer superior support services throughout the customer journey, including pre-sales support, demos, showcasing and technical support.


The city of Tržič in Slovenia relies on Parquery.  Why?

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We started collaborating with Parquery in 2017, and on our side the partnership resulted in a host of useful products, from video cameras to a mobile parking app solution that lets customers pay for parking through their smart devices.

Whenever Hectronic had some ideas about new business cases or potential opportunities, Parquery always had an open ear for us. That was really cool. We truly appreciated their collaboration, every step of the way.


D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

There is a suitable smart parking solution for every parking situation. We can help you find it.