Our smart parking dashboard helps facility managers understand what’s going on in their parking lots


Parquery’s smart parking technology collects a ton of parking usage data for you, and our dashboard turns this complex data into charts and figures that are intelligible and easy to understand. The dashboard is the quickest way to display real-time results and perform structured analytics.

Parquery can also white-label the dashboard and integrate it into a partner's portfolio.


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Monitoring, insights, control


Parquery's real-time results are displayed on an interactive dashboard. In only a few clicks, parking and facility managers can display all available parking spots, identify wrongdoers, and understand how the parking area was used in the last month.

Parking managers get real-time data on Parquery interactive dashboard in just a few clicks
Facility managers get real-time data on Parquery's interactive dashboard in only a few clicks.

Real-time smart parking data accessible to everyone



Straightforward and comprehensible user interface
For both resellers and end-customers, regardless of their technical background


Results accessible across devices
From any computer or smartphone


Real-time data
Find out what happens when it happens


Downloadable data
The data is yours


Dynamic search and filters
Query, search and filter the results to find relevant information


Full, limitless historical statistics

Gain insight into usage patterns

Find out how


Weekly and monthly reports

More about reports


Automatic real-time alerts

with customizable usage thresholds

Find out about our alerts


Fully privacy-compliant image proofs

How we handle privacy


Timelapse view
Visually observe the parking space usage over time


Image analysis remotely or on-site

Either on Parquery’s cloud servers or on a dedicated server on the customer's premises

Our server options

Parquery monitors more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide


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The customized dashboard, with the possibility to export statistical data, and the ability to get screenshots of abusive parking, helps us to highlight the smart parking benefits to our facility manager customers.


G. Machet, Bouygues Energies & Services (BYES)

There is a suitable smart parking solution for every parking situation. We can help you find it.


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