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Parquery provides real-time results to more than 70 customers worldwide.

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Parquery provides real-time results to parking managers and commercial partners

Parquery monitors more than 400 parking spots with 2 cameras in Vevey

City of Vevey, Switzerland

Parquery monitors 400+ parking spots with 2 cameras

Parquery analyzes Park and Rail parking areas for SBB

Swiss Railways (SBB, CFF, FFS)

Parquery P+Rail project in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Hasler Co AG has been using Parquery solution since 2018

Hasler + Co AG, Switzerland

Parquery provides a positive customer experience in retail

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots in Trzic

City of Trzič, Slovenia

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots

Parquery displays available parking spots in the town of Kranjska Gora

Ski World Cup in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Parquery excels in ice and snow

Parquery manages parking lots in San Marino Outlet Experience

Luxury Retail: San Marino Outlet Experience

Parquery provides smooth driver guidance in retail

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A parking solution that suits


Fashion lovers find their way to a parking spot near their favorite store in San Marino Outlet Experience

The Challenge



Provide highly convenient and smooth driver guidance in line with customer expectations of a luxury shopping mall.

Parquery monitors The Market designed by One Works
Parquery monitors the parking lots of luxury shopping malls in San Marino



San Marino Outlet Experience attracts high-income tourists, is dedicated to luxury brands, and offers an outstanding shopping experience. The shopping center is located at the foot of Mount Titano in the northeast of San Marino, a small republic near the Adriatic coast of central Italy, enclosed all around by its larger neighbor.





A convenient shopping experience has become a critical differentiator in customer decisions. Recognizing that parking is a customer’s first point of contact and greatly influences shopping behavior, San Marino Outlet Experience’s management wanted to ensure a smooth parking experience that matches and increases the outlet’s appeal.

A terraced indoor parking lot provides space for nearly 1200 vehicles on three levels. Thus, San Marino Outlet Experience needed a thought-out guidance system that enables drivers to quickly find a vacant spot with real-time parking information. Furthermore, they required in-depth occupancy data analytics to optimize parking and shopping center management.

We have chosen excellence in every aspect of our shopping center. This translates not only on the type of offering and services we provide to our visitors, but also on the technological solutions we selected for our internal operations.

Enabling highly accurate data means we are able to build highly tailored services, and that was a key driver in our selection process on the smart parking solution as well.


Barbara de Magistris, General Management at The Market Opco S.R.L.



Parquery manages parking lots in San Marino Outlet Experience
San Marino's parking lots follow the topography

The Solution

Parquery guides drivers by displaying results on Smartphone Apps




77 cameras for 1163 spots, 23 digital guidance panels, an interactive management tool, and Parquery’s AI to power it all.

CWS Digital Solutions, a system integrator and digital solution provider specialized in ITC solutions for the retail industry, is always scouting for the best technologies available on the market. Commissioned by The Market Opco S.R.L. to provide a smart parking solution for the ambitious luxury mall, they found their perfect fit in Parquery.

Our relationship with our clients is more of a partnership. We do more than technology scouting for them. We embrace their values!

In the San Marino Outlet Experience project the excellence in the “Customer Experience” needed to be paired with excellence in technology and that is why we chose Parquery’s Smart Parking solution as the best fit for parking guidance.

Francesco Cantarini, Account Executive at CWS Digital Solutions



Parquery works with CWS to monitor parking lots in San Marino

Dahua cameras with fisheye lenses placed overhead serve as optical sensors for up to 15-20 bays each. Additionally, Parquery can use several surveillance cameras to monitor individual spots in niches, which provides additional benefit and added value to the existing security infrastructure.

Parquery analyses images from any camera, including Dahua cameras

Thanks to well-planned placement and the cameras’ wide field of view, nearly 1200 parking spaces are thus monitored with only 77 cameras, despite the low ceiling height of 2.5 meters.

Thus, compared to conventional per-spot indoor sensors, Parquery’s solution allows significant savings in the total cost of ownership - both in acquisition and operation - while guaranteeing over 99% accuracy. Opting for a software solution rather than traditional hardware-intensive sensors means

  • easier setup,
  • less maintenance, and
  • a more transparent outlook on expected future costs along
  • with a smaller visual footprint.

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Guide your customers straight to their destination and cut the stress out of parking




Parquery’s highly-adaptive learning algorithms analyze the camera images, and extract parking occupancy, duration, and turnover. The availability information is provided to 23 digital guidance panels placed at key locations. They help drivers navigate turn-by-turn to a convenient parking spot near their destination quickly and easily.

Parquery's results are displayed in dynamic display boards indoor

Optimize parking management, plan strategic improvements


Additionally to guiding drivers, Parquery delivers detailed parking analytics to the management on an interactive dashboard.

Parking analytics supply the first and last piece of information for understanding the entire customer journey: from the moment the shopper parks their car to the moment they leave the mall.

Parquery's results are also displayed on dashboards for facility managers


Understanding the parking occupancy patterns, so where, when, and how long customers park, is vital information for mall managers. They can build on it for strategic planning and continuous development of the shopping center.

Answer questions such as:

  • Do we have enough parking for our customers?
  • Is there sufficient parking capacity and potential for expanding the mall?
  • Do we need a dedicated area for employee parking?
  • Which zones do drivers prefer, which are underutilized?
  • Are there any obstacles or bottlenecks in the traffic flow?

We are very satisfied with the Parquery system, which not only allows us to keep parking management and security under control, but also, by extrapolating and filtering a wide variety of data, allows us to obtain in-depth analyses on many aspects of customer behavior.

Giuseppe Marchini, Facility Manager at The Market Opco S.R.L.



Parquery manages parking lots in San Marino Outlet Experience

Leverage Parquery's expertise to layout and plan the infrastructure deployment


Parquery helps drivers choose on which deck to park


In the planning stage of each project, Parquery determines the optimal camera model, number, and placement with a simulation of the overall camera system based on the floor plan. For this project, Parquery additionally designed where to locate the guidance panels to efficiently direct the traffic flow turn-by-turn. Thus, providing smooth parking guidance in line with the expectations of the luxury clientele.

Benefits of adopting this solution in brief



  • Reduce the time wasted searching for parking
  • Improve shopping experience and raise customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of customers
  • Amplify sales at the retailers
  • Evaluate and understand the potential of your real estate
  • Back up your business strategy with data and facts.
Parquery's solution in San Marino creates happy customers

Over 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide