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Let's schedule a call and we will be there to answer your questions. After understanding your requirements and constraints, we will guide you towards a solution that matches your specific parking situation. And our solution does not fit your needs, we will help you find a provider whose does.

You’ll talk to a smart parking expert.


A call with Parquery gives you with quick answers to your questions and advice for your individual situation. You'll be speaking with a smart parking expert, an experienced technician thoroughly trained on parking-related matters.


She or he speak to you about your needs and walk you through real-world examples, focusing on solutions that match your situation, requirements, and priorities.


After understanding their needs, Parquery supports customers for any parking area.
After understanding their needs, Parquery supports customers for any type of parking area.

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We are involved in 80 smart parking projects in 30+ countries worldwide.


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Parquery is located in Zurich in Switzerland

Our main office is located in Geerenweg 2, CH-8048 Zurich, Switzerland


You can also get in touch:

  • by email: info [at] parquery.com
  • or by phone on +41 44 501 39 19 (8:30am - 5:30pm CET)

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Direct and personal service.

Parquery's staff always listens and is willing to collaborate on new opportunities, as well as to share those they are working on; something that is important in this sector.


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There is a suitable smart parking solution for every parking situation. We can help you find it.


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