Telekom Slovenije uses Parquery's Smart Parking solution to improve citizens’ life in the city of Tržič, Slovenia


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Parquery in Tržič - In a nutshell

The city of Tržič in the Slovenian Alps scrapped their ground parking sensors and replaced them with Parquery's camera-based smart parking solution. The region's harsh winters had caused the existing ground sensors to fail. In cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, Tržič was therefore looking for a solution that works reliably in all seasons - in the glistening summer sun, with colorful autumn leaves, under deep snow cover in winter and pouring spring rains - and would not be damaged by snow plows or sweepers. They found the optimal solution in Parquery's camera-based Smart Parking solution.

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Parquery in Trzic

Reliable smart parking for Tržič

Selecting Parquery as a partner, Telekom Slovenije rolled out a Smart Parking project in the Municipality of Tržič. It is part of an initiative to introduce smart city solutions, which will benefit more than 15,000 citizens of the city located in north-western Slovenia.

Telekom Slovenije is the leading Slovenian provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. Delivering a Smart Parking project in the Municipality of Tržič allowed them to dive deeper into the Smart City domain. This project also proves their proactivity in researching cutting-edge technological solutions to improve the quality of life in Slovenian cities by using internet of things (IoT) technologies.


We approached smart parking as we approach every solution that we integrate into our smart city platform. We looked for the best technology available according to multiple aspects: accuracy, flexibility, cost efficiency, integration openness, and that is what we delivered in Tržič Municipality.

It is important for us to keep delivering the technological excellence that has made and makes Telekom Slovenije stand out as the market leader.


Staš Kalan, Senior IoT Project Manager at Telekom Slovenije



Parquery partners with Telekom Slovenije in Slovenia

How it works

Parquery's computer vision algorithms monitor all parking areas in this project, detect available spots and deliver a guidance system to drivers.

In the first phase of this project, 8 cameras were deployed in Tržič. Multiple sensor cameras provided by Axis Communication reduced the number of installation points needed and thus the total cost of deployment.


Parquery is happy to have started a new collaboration with a partner whose history speaks for itself. Telekom Slovenije's technical commitment in the delivery phase was outstanding and allowed a quick deployment despite the harsh restrictions we faced. We are looking to make this project the first step of a great journey.


Andrea Fossati, CEO at Parquery

The first phase of this project was successfully concluded in December 2020.

Second phase of Telekom Slovenije and Parquery's Smart Parking project in Tržič

Parquery efficiently monitors on-street curb parking in Trzic in Slovenia
Telekom Slovenije continued to introduce smart parking in Tržič in two more key areas of the town using Parquery’s image-based solution.

Our goal in Tržič is not only to deliver the project but also to show to our regional market that implementing cost-effective solutions for Smart Cities is not only a wish but reality with our help.


Staš Kalan, Senior IoT Project Manager at Telekom Slovenije



Parquery partners with Telekom Slovenije in Slovenia

On-street curb and open area parking

The main street of Cankarjeva is a great example of how we can implement our solution not only in open areas but also on the on-street curb parking in a very effective manner.


Andrea Fossati, CEO at Parquery


Parquery also efficiently monitors on-street curb parking in Trzic in Slovenia


On the grounds of using 180° cameras from Axis Communications and with the help of Parquery’s software simulation, the number of cameras and installation points were once more reduced to a minimum. The entire equipment installation, software set-up, calibration, and integration were handled in just two weeks.



Parquery detects objects in pictures from any camera, including Axis cameras.


Telekom Slovenije and Parquery collaborate with system integrator A Koda Plus to integrate Parquery's results into local platforms and dynamic display boards on-site.

As we are moving away from the Covid-19 emergency lockdowns, our job as system integrator gets back to normality so we can show our integration capabilities.


Gregor Ban, CEO at A Koda Plus




Parquery partners with Akoda plus in Slovenia

This second step towards monitoring the main parking areas in Tržič was completed in September 2021, and a third one is planned for next year.


Learn more on how Parquery supports partners and customers with camera view simulations

A continuing journey

We started this journey together with A Koda Plus and Telekom Slovenije in 2020, and with every step we take, we improve the citizens' quality of life. We have a great team of companies and people who deliver the solution throughout the country.


Altin Arapi, Sales Manager of Parquery

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