Featured project: Parquery monitors over 400 parking spots with 2 standard cameras in Vevey, Switzerland


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Case Study

City of Vevey

Parquery analyses more than 400 spots by detecting vehicles on images from only two standard cameras, one of which is a webcam which was already mounted and whose images are publicly available. Real-time results on both parking availability and duration are provided to the City of Vevey. The number of available parking spots are also displayed to drivers on dynamic guidance panels and on the local authority’s website.


Parquery gives results on parking availability and duration on more than 400 spots with only two standard cameras.
Parquery monitors 400+ parking spots with only two cameras.

The vehicle detection service offered by Parquery allows us to communicate in real time and reliably the availability of an open car park of 450 places.


D. Gnerre, City of Vevey


How it works


The two cameras are installed at a height of 15 meters, on a building which belongs to the client. One of the cameras is a publicly-available webcam that rotates in a certain interval, and the second one is a standard camera with a fisheye lens that has a very wide field of view.


On account of the cameras’ installation height,

  • A large number of parking spots can be covered by each camera, resulting in very effective monitoring.
  • It is unlikely that even large vehicles hide others from the view of the camera, and trees lining the edge of the parking area do not pose a problem.
  • Neither vehicles’ number plates nor people’s faces can be discerned.

The images are analyzed on Parquery’s cloud servers and automatically deleted once processed.


Parquery’s real-time results provide the authorities with insights of the usage patterns, and have been integrated into dynamic guidance panels and an online service that directs drivers to the available parking spots.


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