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Parquery provides real-time results to more than 70 customers worldwide.

Who is using Parquery's solution worldwide?

Parquery provides real-time results to parking managers and commercial partners

Parquery monitors more than 400 parking spots with 2 cameras in Vevey

City of Vevey, Switzerland

Parquery monitors 400+ parking spots with 2 cameras

Parquery analyzes Park and Rail parking areas for SBB

Swiss Railways (SBB, CFF, FFS)

Parquery P+Rail project in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Hasler Co AG has been using Parquery solution since 2018

Hasler + Co AG, Switzerland

Parquery provides a positive customer experience in retail

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots in Trzic

City of Trzič, Slovenia

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots

Parquery displays available parking spots in the town of Kranjska Gora

Ski World Cup in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Parquery excels in ice and snow

Parquery manages parking lots in San Marino Outlet Experience

Luxury Retail: San Marino Outlet Experience

Parquery provides smooth driver guidance in retail

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Parquery offers parking managers a free demo


What are the fundamental components for Parquery’s solution?


All Parquery needs is cameras connected to a reliable power source, and an internet connection. Parquery’s software can be run as a cloud service. Alternatively, you can install a server on your premises.





What does Parquery's solution involve?


These are the aspects to consider when planning a smart parking solution with Parquery:

Where cameras are already installed, no additional infrastructure is needed: we’ll use the same cameras you use for surveillance (CCTV), smart lighting, timelapse videos, or even publicy available webcams, etc.

If cameras are not yet installed, make sure you connect new cameras to a reliable power supply.

Cameras have to be connected via a local network or the internet to either a server installed onsite (on-premise analysis); or to Parquery’s servers (cloud analysis).

Parquery provides: Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis, real-time results via Application Programming Interface (API), dashboard visualization and real-time alerts.

Parquery’s software can run as a cloud service or a dedicated server onsite.

Unlike sensor-based approaches, Parquery’s solution does not require major civil works or interventions.

Looking for an efficient, low cost and high accuracy smart parking solution?



Parquery's flexibility allows us to follow the client's requests, the web interface is simple and enhances the underlying image analysis.

It's very simple, and easy to use.


X. Prudent, Civilia

Over 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide