How does smart parking monitoring with Parquery work?

With smart cities and AI, we can expect a better quality of life

Parquery provides outdoor parking occupancy information via cameras and computer vision software. We specifically developed our real-time, cloud-based, software solution for technology resellers, vertical solution/platform providers, and IoT connectors. Occupancy information enables parking managers and technology integrators to increase revenues and optimize enforcement. For city administrations, occupancy information increases parking efficiency and improves the overall quality of life for all citizens (End-Users).

Parquery’s smart parking solution detects available and occupied parking space locations, along with how long a vehicle has occupied each space. Our solution can also identify improper use of non-parking areas and bicycle and emergency vehicle lanes. By providing parking managers with an accurate view on past, current, and predicted future usage of their parking facilities, we help to optimize operations, revenues and enforcement.  Integrated with complementary systems, our solution can also support adaptive street light management, traffic management, and retail services for easy navigation in a smart city.

Our cloud-based solution is one of the most accurate and affordable smart parking solutions on the market, requiring only minimal investment in IT and hardware infrastructure. The advantages of a subscription to Parquery are:

Simple and Cost-Efficient to Deploy

  1. Limited hardware investment
  2. Can leverage existing cameras to lower overall deployment costs
  3. Projects scale easily from one camera up to hundreds
  4. Integrates seamlessly with existing software platforms via simple APIs

Diverse offerings

  1. Real-time and forecast information on parking vacancy and duration
  2. Parking enforcement becomes a revenue center rather than a cost center
  3. High project return on investment
  4. Smart parking infrastructure and data can be used in applications beyond parking management

Improved Traffic Flow

  1. Reduced parking search traffic and congestion
  2. Efficient enforcement of illegal parking activities improves traffic safety
  3. Occupancy overview encourages use of public transportation at peak congestion times

Deploying a smart parking solution with Parquery is easy. Simply send us your images from your camera stream and we will send back analytics, including occupancy information, in real time. We can even process images from any existing camera stream you may have, including webcams, security cameras, IP cameras, and more.

You don’t have any cameras set up?  No problem. We can help you select the right camera and with installation and configuration settings.

The number of parking spaces covered by each camera varies depending on camera placement and parking configuration. With on-street parking, we cover 12 spaces on average per camera. For a large parking lot, a single camera can cover up to 300 parking spots!

We take privacy very seriously, deleting all images after processing. In addition, our software is specifically tuned for processing low-resolution images, which do not capture personal information such as faces and license plates (in a recognizable form). Using low-resolution images also has the added advantage of minimizing data traffic.

Scaling your Parquery smart parking solution from a single camera to a city-wide deployment is simple. A camera can be installed and connected to our servers, either through WiFi or mobile network, in as little as 15 minutes.  Contact us to schedule a WebEx demo of our solution.