How does smart parking monitoring with Parquery work?

With smart cities and AI, we can expect a better quality of life

In order to begin a new project, Parquery only needs a map of the parking area to be monitored.
  • If the parking area is already equipped with cameras, then no additional infrastructure is required. 
  • If there is no camera installed, then Parquery proposes a simulation of the ideal location for new cameras.
In the case that new cameras have to be installed, Parquery helps customers:
  • to choose relevant cameras,
  • and to find a trustworthy camera installation partner.
Parquery's solution complies with Swiss and European privacy laws: no image is stored and no private data is processed.
Parquery's results are provided via API or on a dashboard with structured analytics.


  • API: Parquery's API can be easily integrated into any third-party platform: on-site dynamic guidance panel, Smartphone App, Dashboard, etc.
  • Dashboard: Parquery can also propose its own dashboard to its customers. This dashboard can be customised according to the customer's wishes.