Our smart parking results helps facility managers understand what’s going on in their parking lots


Parquery’s smart parking technology collects a ton of parking usage data for you, and our dashboard turns this complex data into charts and figures that are intelligible and easy to understand. The dashboard is the quickest way to display real-time results and perform structured analytics.

Parquery can also provide results via API, real-time alerts, analytics and reports.


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Monitoring, insights, control


Parquery's real-time results are displayed on an interactive dashboard. In only a few clicks, parking and facility managers can display all available parking spots, identify wrongdoers, and understand how the parking area was used in the last month.

Parking managers get real-time data on Parquery interactive dashboard in just a few clicks
Facility managers get real-time data on Parquery's interactive dashboard in only a few clicks.

Real-time smart parking data accessible to everyone


Straightforward and comprehensible user interface
For both resellers and end-customers, regardless of their technical background


Results accessible across devices
From any computer or smartphone


Real-time data
Find out what happens when it happens


Downloadable data
The data is yours


Dynamic search and filters
Query, search and filter the results to find relevant information


Full, limitless historical statistics

Gain insight into usage patterns


Weekly and monthly reports

Find out about reports


Customizable usage thresholds and automatic real-time alerts

Find out about alerts


Fully privacy-compliant image proofs

How Parquery handles privacy


Timelapse view
Visually observe the parking space usage over time


Image analysis remotely or on-site

Either on Parquery’s cloud servers or on a dedicated server on the customer's premises

Find out about servers

The customized dashboard, with the possibility to export statistical data, and the ability to get screenshots of abusive parking, helps us to highlight the smart parking benefits to our facility manager customers.

G. Machet, Bouygues Energies & Services (BYES)

Parquery's Software Interface (API)

Plug Parquery's simple, powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution directly into your smart parking platform


Parquery’s straightforward Application Programming Interface (API) provides data in standard JSON or XML formats. Thus, our AI framework can either easily be integrated into any existing infrastructure or used as a foundation to develop new customized solutions.


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Beyond a 0-1 input

We provide a wealth of additional information about the parking lot, including:

  • start time
  • end time
  • parking duration
  • occupancy status (available or occupied)
  • GPS coordinates
  • image (when requested by our clients, and available within a fully compliant privacy framework)

Other features can be added to the API depending on a client’s individual needs, for example type of vehicle, text detection, etc.





The API from Parquery is easy to integrate into any platform
Real-time results and structured analytics are provided in Parquery's API. Its integration into any third-party platform is simple and straightforward.
Parquery monitors outdoor parking lots and provides results to customers and partners.
Parquery provides real-time results on parking occupancy to parking managers, partners and distributors.

Looking for a white label smart parking solution?

Parquery's API integrates easily into most third-party platforms, including:

  • On-site dynamic guidance panels
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Dashboards
  • Existing GIS platforms
  • Looking for a custom-built solution? Just ask and we’ll deliver!

Find out how the Swiss railways SBB integrate Parquery's results



Parquery's API is integrated into dynamic guidance panels.

Parquery's API is integrated into dynamic guidance panels on site.




Parquery's API is integrated into Smartphone Parking Apps.

Parquery's API is integrated into Smartphone Parking Apps.




Parquery helps facility managers to guide drivers to an available parking spot.

Parquery helps facility managers to guide drivers to an available parking spot.




Parquery offers real-time updates on parking availability.

Parquery offers real-time updates on parking availability.




We started collaborating with Parquery in 2017, and on our side the partnership resulted in a host of useful products, from video cameras to a mobile parking app solution that lets customers pay for parking through their smart devices.

Whenever Hectronic had some ideas about new business cases or potential opportunities, Parquery always had an open ear for us. That was really cool. We truly appreciated their collaboration, every step of the way.

D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

Another added advantage?

Superior API support


We guarantee 99.99% uptime.

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Parquery's Operations Team is available to help you on any API integration.
Parquery's Operations Team is available to help you on any API integration.

Parquery's Real-Time Alerts

Effortless parking management thanks to automatic alerts

Set thresholds to automatically receive notifications for vehicles parked:

  • longer than the permitted time period
  • in prohibited or reserved spaces
  • longer than paid for
  • alongside a car already parked at the curb (double parking)

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Alerts are fully customizable

Parking managers receive bespoke alerts by:

  • push notifications
  • emails
  • SMS messages

Alerts are fully customizable

Parking managers receive bespoke alerts by:

  • push notifications
  • emails
  • SMS messages
Parquery sends real-time alerts to parking officers if vehicles are wrongly parked
Parquery sends real-time alerts to parking officers when vehicles are wrongly parked



Parquery's Reports

Gain insight into how your parking space is used.

Smart parking solutions create a wealth of data.


Parquery provides written reports customized for you to assist you in interpreting and understanding the data and its significance. These reports will inform you and provide insights about how your parking space is being used and can act as a decision making tool.


Talk to an expert to find out more about our reports

Reports are fully customizable

You are the expert of your parking space. We listen to you and jointly, we identify exactly those features and information that match your requirements and provide you with the insights you need. The reports will be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

We provide reports for both customers who use our Application Programming Interface (API) and those who use our Dashboard.

Examples of popular features, graphics, histograms or bar charts include:

  • Turnover
  • Average parking time
  • Peak time analysis for a specific parking area during a given period
  • Projected cost savings
  • Projected parking trends
  • Parking area misuse
  • Parking violations

Do you need to integrate reporting into an existing platform? Do you need specific reports on particular aspects? The reports are yours. Parquery defines their content together with you, and they will be fully customized to suit your requirements.

The statistics we get are very helpful for retrospective analysis.

C. Hasler, CEO, Hasler + Co AG

Parquery provides analytics and statistics

Turn images into a decision-making tool

Parquery's smart parking solution extracts real-time parking occupancy data from camera images and transforms this parking data into meaningful factual knowledge through detailed statistics and analytics.

At first glance, the binary (yes/no) decision of whether a parking space is occupied or vacant might appear limited. Observed over a longer period of time, however, it becomes a powerful tool for identifying temporal and spatial usage patterns.

Parking occupancy data can answer questions such as:

Parquery provides statistics and structured analytics to customers

Does the capacity meet the demand? That is, is the parking lot sufficiently large but not over-dimensioned?

Where are popular spots or areas? Where are those little used?

When are times of high demand? When are periods of lulls?

Identify patterns: occupancy, turnover, duration


Parquery provides occupancy statistics on each parking area

Occupancy rate: percentage of occupied parking spaces at a given time

Parquery provides flow statistics on each parking area

Flow/turnover rate: number of vehicles arriving and departing at a given time

Parquery provides parking duration statistics on each parking area

Median duration: median parking time of vehicles that arrived at a given time


Once we expand this plain occupancy data by determining whether a vehicle in the current image of a parking spot is the same as in the previous one, we gain a range of information. It provides us with the vehicle’s arrival and departure times, from which we can establish the individual parking operations for each parking space. Hence, we can determine both

  • the parking duration (for how long a vehicle stays) and
  • the turnover (frequency of change, or how many different vehicles park in one spot) for each parking spot.


These three variables - occupancy, turnover, and duration - provide a comprehensive picture of the parking lot utilization and allow identifying occupancy patterns. They can be observed:

  • over time
    • to find daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or yearly repeating patterns
  • over area
    • to find spatial differences in the utilization of a parking lot, e.g., locate popular spots and less used ones (high vs. low average occupancy), identify those for quick stops (short duration and high turnover, e.g., to drop off passengers), find those used for longer-term stays (long duration and low turnover).

Answer operational questions:

Is my parking lot optimally utilized and managed? What can we improve?

Information about parking duration and turnover then answers detailed questions such as:


  • What are the typical usage patterns? That is, how do the drivers use the parking lot?
  • How does the use vary throughout the day, month, year?
  • When are times of high turnover (i.e., vehicles arriving and leaving)? When are quiet periods?
  • Are there local differences in the usage pattern within the parking lot? Do drivers prefer certain areas for short stays and others for longer-term parking?
  • Does it match the intended or expected use? Is the facility exploited for other purposes?
    For example, do drivers indeed switch to public transport after parking at the P+R facility? Is a retailer's parking lot used by their own customers? Are staff parking spaces used as free parking outside of business hours or during vacation periods?


Parquery gives decision-making tools to better manage parking lots

Combine several data sources for deeper understanding

Moreover, if we correlate parking data with additional domain information, we obtain in-depth analytics and a profound understanding of the situation. Such domain information might include, e.g., ticketing, sales, footfall data (people counting), marketing campaigns, or business hours.

Verify revenues

In addition, Parquery’s smart parking data allows verifying the revenue for metered or paid parking areas: Knowing how long vehicles were parked and in what period (of the day, week, month), we can estimate the expected income. Comparing this data with the collected revenues can reveal irregularities caused by, e.g., drivers, parking fee collectors, malfunctioning parking meters, etc.

Parquery’s Dashboard offers a convenient user interface for revenue estimation.

Explore Parquery's dashboard

How does parking occupancy data answer business questions and increase revenue?

Obtain insights while protecting privacy

Parquery does not identify individual vehicles or process private and personal data such as license plates. Instead, the solution determines whether vehicles in successive images of the same parking spot are identical solely using their appearance (e.g., shape, color, type of vehicle, etc.).

Thus, Parquery’s smart parking analysis grants understanding of a parking lot without compromising drivers’ privacy. Privacy and data protection are at the forefront of Parquery’s considerations and, thus, built directly into the conceptual and technical solution.

Learn how Parquery makes sure that parking managers comply with privacy laws 


There is a suitable smart parking solution for every parking situation. We can help you find it.


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