Smart Parking provides you with insightful data on your parking areas

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Compare smart parking technologies

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Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide

Parquery provides real-time results to more than 70 customers worldwide.

Who is using Parquery's solution worldwide?

Parquery provides real-time results to parking managers and commercial partners

Parquery monitors more than 400 parking spots with 2 cameras in Vevey

City of Vevey, Switzerland

Parquery monitors 400+ parking spots with 2 cameras

Parquery analyzes Park and Rail parking areas for SBB

Swiss Railways (SBB, CFF, FFS)

Parquery P+Rail project in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Hasler Co AG has been using Parquery solution since 2018

Hasler + Co AG, Switzerland

Parquery provides a positive customer experience in retail

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots in Trzic

City of Trzič, Slovenia

Parquery guides drivers to available parking spots

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Parquery customers testify - Focus on Hasler + Co AG

Hasler + Co AG on stage: our customers testify

Hasler + Co AG share how they optimally manage parking with Parquery’s solution

Parquery simulates views from each camera before installation

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Fast planning and deploying with software simulation

Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.

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Contact us to learn more about smart parking

At Parquery, smart parking experts will answer your call

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Smart parking experts will answer your call

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Parquery offers parking managers a free demo

Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.


Parquery’s AI technology detects vehicles and indeed any kind of object in images from any camera.

Parquery’s smart parking solution does not only detect vehicles: it provides real-time results and statistics to smart parking partners as well as facility managers. Our Application Programming Interface (API) integrates our real-time results into a partner’s portfolio, while our dashboard provides facility managers with insights into parking use.



Are you looking for an efficient, reliable, low-cost and highly accurate smart parking solution?


Parquery can provide real-time results on any kind of parking space - whether inside or outside, with road surface marking or without, permanent or temporary, continuously or periodically, in good weather or bad.


Discover parquery's solution Compare smart parking technologies

Manage your parking area in only a few clicks


Managers run their parking areas in only a few clicks



Parquery locates how many parking spots are available on ski stations

Display available spots

Display parking availability to drivers via dynamic display panels or smartphone apps


Managers identify vehicles wrongly parked

Locate wrongdoers

Receive real-time alerts, when vehicles overstay the authorized or purchased parking time, or park in reserved spots (for example spots reserved for charging electric vehicles, disabled drivers, etc.)


Managers get structured analytics to understand their parking areas

Understand parking areas

Get statistics and structured analytics for usage for any parking zone, and for any period. All results are available on an interactive customizable dashboard


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More than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide


Parquery is a trusted choice both for end customers like parking and facility managers who look for a smart parking solution to manage their parking facilities, as well as vendors and manufacturers in the parking sector looking for a technology partner to add smart parking to their portfolio.


Parquery detects vehicles even when no parking lines are drawn

Unmarked parking lots


Parquery displays available parking spots on large outdoor parking lots

Large outdoor areas


Parquery detects vehicles parked in any configuration

Any parking layout


Parquery supports parking managers across a diverse range of industries



Shopping centers




Employee car parks


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White-label solution

Integrated with more than 80 parking components

Extensive pre-sales support

Loved by end-users

Parquery is the leader for software development in the parking sector.

They are truly the best choice you can make for camera-based parking solutions.

It’s that simple.


D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

What do I need to do to receive results on my parking area?

In a nutshell, you only need a camera. Any camera. Even a webcam.

Discover how it works

Parquery detects vehicles on images from any camera.