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Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.


Parquery’s AI technology detects vehicles and other objects in images from any camera.

Parquery’s smart parking solution not only detects vehicles; it provides real-time results and statistics to smart parking partners and facility managers. Our Application Programming Interface (API) integrates real-time results into a partner’s portfolio, while our dashboard provides facility managers with insights into parking use.



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Managers run their parking area in only a few clicks


Managers run their parking areas in only a few clicks



Managers display where are available parking spots to drivers

Display available spots

Managers display parking availability to drivers via dynamic display panels or smartphone apps


Managers identify vehicles wrongly parked

Identify wrongdoers

Managers receive real-time alerts, when vehicles overstay the authorized or purchased parking time, or park in reserved spots (e.g. spots reserved for electric vehicles, disabled drivers, etc.)


Managers get structured analytics to understand their parking areas

Understand parking areas

Managers get statistics and structured analytics for usage for any parking zone, and for any period. All results are available on an interactive dashboard customized to their needs.


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More than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide


Parquery detects vehicles even when no parking lines are drawn

Unmarked parking lots


Parquery displays available parking spots on large outdoor parking lots

Large outdoor areas


Parquery detects vehicles parked in any configuration

Any parking layout


Parquery supports parking managers from different horizons



Shopping centers




Employee car parks


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D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

What do I need to do, so that I receive results on my parking area?

In a nutshell, you only need a camera. Any camera. Even a webcam.

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Parquery detects vehicles on images from any camera.

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