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Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.

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Parquery partners with solutions providers, adding our AI technology to their products.

Based on your needs or the needs of your customer, our software can be customized in order to facilitate its integration into your portfolio of solutions.






Parking finders

Parking availabilities


Real-time alerts

Directional signs

Violation detections

Smart parking payments

Indoor and outdoor solutions

Do you have a problem that needs solving?

Parquery’s smart parking solution provides data. Data on how parking spots are used, how much they are used, when and if they are misused.

You can only make smart decisions if you have the correct information. That’s why Parquery uses its AI algorithms to turn collected data into objective, relevant decision-making tools.

Parquery detects vehicles in any parking area, even when lines are not drawn.
Parquery can identify vehicles wrongly parked.

Wrong parking


Parquery detects vehicles even on non-delimited spaces.

No parking lines


Parquery's results are integrated into dynamic panels.

Dynamic panels


Parquery tells customers how long each vehicle has been parked in docks.

Fleet management


Parking is at once customer experience, a source of revenue, and a cost for the person managing your facility.


There are a lot of reasons why you will want to make your parking spaces smarter. Where should you start? The best way to measure a complex thing is to break it down into individual parts. Let’s start with an overview of the individual parts of parking.

What are the components of a smart parking solution?

Occupancy detection


Displays, VMS (Video Message Signs) and VMP (Video Message Panels)

Violation control systems

Access control

How can every part be smart?

All the individual parts need to be able to communicate with each other.

This can be done with an API (Application Programming Interface).


Learn more about occupancy detection technologies

We started collaborating with Parquery in 2017, and on our side the partnership resulted in a host of useful products, from video cameras to a mobile parking app solution that lets customers pay for parking through their smart devices.

We truly appreciated their collaboration, every step of the way.

D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

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