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Draw from our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve your traffic and transportation needs.

We built our reputation with camera-based smart parking. Now, we apply our skills on a wide range of uses: e.g., traffic flow, customer footfall, passenger counting, warehousing.

Parquery creates simple Swiss-made smart solutions. They are flexible, robust, and accurate.


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Parquery helps facility managers to guide drivers to available spots and understand parking usage

Smart Parking

Guide drivers to available spots, find offenders, and understand parking usage

End the parking woe


Parquery helps transport operators understand the usage of each route and vehicle

Passenger Counter

Understand the usage of each route, station, and vehicle in your transport network

Make every passenger count


Parquery improves the efficiency of loading bays and goods in warehouses


Improve efficiency of loading bays and goods handling in warehouses

Speed up the logistics

Parquery optimizes your transport management and improves road safety

Traffic Analytics

Optimize your transport management, improve road safety, and plan strategically

Let the traffic flow


Parquery raises your venue's profitability and enhance customer experience

Customer footfall

Raise your venue’s profitability and enhance your customers' experience

Let steps fall into place


Parquery finds vehicles on your premises, airports, bus depots, car dealers

Fleet management

Find and manage vehicles on your premises (e.g. airports, bus depots, car dealerships)

Find my vehicle

Parquery optimize your transport management and improves road safety

Smarter loops

Know how vehicles drive on your roads, and optimize traffic lights operations

Keep me in the loop


Parquery detects how many people come in ski stations

Visitor footfall

Know where people are, increase attractions interest and optimize staff operations

How can I help?


Parquery detects where is an available mooring spot

Boat detection

Display where is an available mooring spot and manage ships in your marinas

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Resellers, partners and customers in over 30 countries grow their business, increase their efficiency, and gain time, money and space with Parquery's AI.


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Parquery detects vehicles on images from any camera.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We integrated privacy and data protection directly into our technical solution (Privacy-by-design).

Parquery is fully GDPR-compliant.

  • Generally, images do not contain recognizable private data in the image.
  • In the rare case when number plates might be decipherable, Parquery blurs the according image portion. Parquery helps customers to guarantee that private data cannot be extracted from images.
  • Parquery does not store images, unless specifically requested by customers.
  • The customer can opt to analyze all images directly onsite. Once processed, they are automatically deleted, and no image is sent to Parquery. The process is GDPR compliant.

Learn how Parquery provides results with no GDPR headache

Yes, Parquery also proposes a fully functional prototype. That means together with you we develop a small prototype project that demonstrates the feasibility of the envisioned solution for your product, verifies the requirements can be fulfilled, and potentially identifies further challenges to be accounted for.

Within the PoC we

  • assess possible solutions for your particular project and requirements to be met - whether that is a specific parking lot you would like to monitor, a train inside which you want to measure footfall, or to develop a new product range or service for your business repertoire,
  • identify risks such as edge cases, and establish measures to address them,
  • estimate the prospects of success, which depends, among other things, on the end-user’s requirements and preferences, the infrastructure in place (WiFi, existing light poles or buildings suitable for mounting cameras, etc), the options for installing such infrastructure, power supply options for the cameras, the environment (trees, other risks of occlusion, etc.), or privacy and data protection regulations in each country,
  • and provide you with a fully operational prototype to run a pilot project. It will demonstrate the capabilities, functions, and operation of the Parquery solution you selected.

Discover how to begin a pilot project

Find out what the Swiss Railways SBB gained from a pilot

Our pricing is based on the number of objects to monitor (e.g. parking spots, mooring bays, pallets spots, areas to detect people, etc.) and the level of service you choose. Get in touch for a customized non-binding quote. As soon as we know about your project and understand your requirements, we can we tailor our service to your individual requirements and give you a price.

Learn more about our pricing here


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Parquery offers proof-of-concept pilot projects

We recognize any shape.


Parquery is an agile start-up. We can act fast and tailor our services to our partners’ and clients’ needs.

Our intelligent algorithms learn by example and experience. With training, they can recognize any object.

We’re eager to try something new.