Drivers like smart parking – facility managers, city officers and parking professionals love it.


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Smart parking has multiple benefits

City officers and parking professionals love the wealth of interesting, applicable data they receive from smart parking systems. It’s not just trendy, it’s an effective solution to your parking issues. For example, with Parquery’s smart parking solution you can:

  • gather insights
  • reveal inefficiencies
  • highlight parking opportunities
  • increase revenue
  • augment control over parking areas
  • turn parking into a positive experience for customers
  • increase savings and more!

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More than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide

Did you know that the majority of city traffic jams are caused by drivers searching for parking?


Parquery can help municipal parking authorities indicate parking availability throughout the city, guide the traffic accordingly, and thus contribute to a better quality of life for everyone


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Why simply park when you can smart park?


Parking is an integral part of the customer experience. It is an important source of revenue for businesses and a relevant cost of facility managers.


Parquery turns your parking areas into revenue sources, no additional hardware required. We reduce costs by supplying you with precise data and recommendations.


There are a lot of reasons why you want to make your parking smarter. Let Parquery help you get started by measuring your parking activity with precise data.


Discover how smart parking works


Smart Parking increase revenues and reduces operational costs.
Smart Parking increases revenues and reduces operational costs.

How can you make a city smarter?


It’s all about collecting data and analyzing it. You can only make smart decisions if you have the right information in hand.

Interested in gathering parking data, receiving AI decision-making tools, and triggering thoughtful actions?


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Beyond cities


Parquery helps parking managers direct drivers to available parking spots.
Parquery helps parking managers direct drivers to available parking spots.


Commercial centers


Parquery displays available parking spots in real-time to commercial center customers. Facility managers get real-time results and structured analytics on interactive dashboards. They know exactly what is happening in their car parks.


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We are very satisfied. I give Parquery 10 out of 10!

Thanks to their dashboard, we now understand when and how frequent our parking areas are used. Their statistics tool is also very helpful for all subsequent analyses.


C. Hasler, Hasler + Co AG, Winterthur

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