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Parquery operates more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide.

We love AI. We love computer vision.

Our focus? Responding to customer needs.

Choosing a technology partner is challenging. You need a technology that works, a provider who understands your needs, great customer support and proven experience: that’s exactly what you get with Parquery.



4 simple reasons to start working together

We always begin with an introductory call. Once we understand your needs, we’ll decide together if we’re the best provider for you, and direct you elsewhere if we’re not.

Our aim is to add value, either directly or indirectly (via a white label solution).

Parquery’s smart parking solution works right out of the box and provides immediate results.

The people on our customer support team are problem solvers and always there for you.

Over 80 smart parking projects in 30+ countries worldwide.



Is Parquery the right partner for you?


Parquery provides great added value for

Parking companies and manufacturers, who use our AI technology and computer vision expertise to better differentiate their offering in the smart parking market.

IT companies, who use our AI technology to add another layer to their portfolios, accelerating product processes, quickening product development and improving sales activities.

Smart lighting providers, who use our AI technology to create an easy added value to their solution, requiring no extra hardware.

System integrators for smart cities, unlocking a host of new opportunities. For example we add AI features to any camera, even pre-installed units. Our technology extends beyond parking and vehicle detection, and is capable of detecting any object in images from any kind of camera.

Smart mobility startups, which appreciate our agile startup mindset. Even after six successful years in the market, we remain responsive, innovative and welcoming. Whether you’re interested in smart mobility, smart traffic or smart space management, Parquery has the right solution for your business!

How do we start?


Our main goal is add value for your company. That starts by understanding your needs and desires.

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Parquery are the leader for software development in the parking sector. They are literally the best choice you can make for camera-based parking solutions.

It’s that simple.

D. Burger, Hectronic GmbH

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