Kranjska Gora gets ready for the Ski World Cup 2022 with Parquery’s smart parking solution


Alpine Slovenian town takes the friction out of parking for its citizens and guests and sets itself apart with smart parking



Smart parking in mountain towns


Parquery’s camera-based smart parking excels in ice and snow when other sensor-based systems succumb: it works when a ski resort is under a thick snow cover, during snowfall, at night, and in fog. Being camera-based, it will not be damaged by snowplows and does not interfere with road clearing.

Parquery detects the presence of vehicles in camera images with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) - regardless of whether or not a vehicle is parked perfectly in a predefined spot or is covered in snow.

Thus, it is ideally suited to the conditions in mountain towns and ski resorts. Following a successful joint project in Tržič, an Alpine town in Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije once more partnered with Parquery to provide a smart parking system in the center of Kranjska Gora.

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Parquery distinguishes itself in ski resorts and mountain towns

Parquery detects vehicles under snow
Parquery detects vehicles under blankets of snow

Parquery's solution performs when other sensors have long since ceased to function: for vehicles under blankets of snow, heaped up snow piles, inaccurate parking due to invisible markings, or snow clearing with plows and heavy machinery.

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About Kranjska Gora


Kranjska Gora is an Alpine resort in the northwestern corner of Slovenia, bordering both Austria and Italy. Embedded between Karavanke mountains to the North and the Julian Alps to the South, Slovenia’s first ski resort annually hosts the Ski World Championships, both the FIS Ski World Cup and the Nordic Ski World Cup.


A seasonal parking challenge


Parking is not only a pressing need for visitors to these international sporting events. As a popular tourist destination, Kranjska Gora experiences a steep increase in traffic during peak seasons in both the depth of winter and at the height of summer.

During the busiest periods, the parking situation in the villages and near attractions, such as the starting points of hiking paths, becomes increasingly difficult. Visitors occupy resident parking or leave their cars in areas not designated or unsuitable for parking, e.g., narrow roads in the old town center or on bike lanes. In turn, improper parking causes traffic increase and congestion, and dissatisfaction among visitors and citizens alike.


Parquery operates in the touristic town of Kranjska Gora
Parquery provides real-time parking results in the touristic town of Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Kranjska Gora owes its popularity as a tourist destination to a multifaceted natural scenery and a wealth of sports activities in summer as well as in winter.

Towards traffic planning that puts people first


Solving the parking situation is one of its main pillars of the municipality’s transport strategy developed together with its stakeholders and citizens. The municipality aims to improve the use of transport infrastructure, reduce traffic jams, increase road safety, improve air quality and make the town a more attractive living space.


Parquery uses six Axis cameras to monitor parking spots in Kranjska Gora
Parquery displays availability of 120 parking spots in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora’s smart parking initiative started with three parking areas around the town hall, where six cameras monitor 120 parking spaces, six of which are reserved for people with limited mobility. Parquery’s real-time occupancy data is fed into dynamic guidance panels to direct drivers to vacant parking spots in the heart of the town.


Parquery displays available parking spots on digital display boards in Slovenia
Smart signs: digital guidance panels on-site use Parquery’s parking occupancy data to inform drivers and direct them to vacant parking spaces.

Project timeline


The project was up and running within five months. After project evaluation and planning, which included Parquery’s camera simulations to determine the number of cameras needed, system integrator A Koda+ procured and mounted six Axis cameras and three guidance panels on site.

How Parquery provides camera simulations for every project


The entire equipment installation, software set-up, calibration, and integration were handled in just over a month. While Parquery trained the algorithms on the camera footage, they also integrated the results with the dynamic panels using the Application Programming Interface (API) together with Telekom Slovenije.

How Parquery's algorithms work

Discover Parquery's API


Images from Axis cameras are analyzed by Parquery in Slovenia
Images from cameras are analyzed by Parquery and results are displayed on panels

Six Axis cameras monitor three parking areas in Kranjska Gora’s town center and provide parking information for digital parking signs and a dashboard delivering real-time data and statistical analysis for parking management.


A Koda+ strongly believes in smart city solutions based on cameras as optical sensors. That is why we continuously invest in special training in order to be able, not only to deploy, but also to maintain complex urban infrastructures.

Gregor Ban, CEO, A Koda+

A proven partnership: Telekom Slovenije, A Koda+, and Parquery


Kranjska Gora’s smart parking initiative is a joint venture between the municipality, Telekom Slovenije as the project leader, A Koda+ as system integrator providing cameras and guidance panels, and Parquery as the parking solution provider.


Parquery partners with Akoda plus in Slovenia


Telekom Slovenije is Slovenia’s leading information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider, supplying an increasing range of smart city solutions. In partnership with Parquery and system integrator A Koda+, Telekom Slovenije delivers smart parking and traffic routing solutions that help turn Slovenian cities into more attractive and better living spaces.


We are very glad to participate in this technological project. With both partners, we managed to fulfill all expectations of the Municipality Kranjska Gora and we believe that this is just the start of our cooperation on their “smart city” vision.

Staš Kalan, Telekom Slovenije

Parquery displays where are available parking spots in Kranjska Gora

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