• Zürich

Parquery Announces Investors in Successful Seed Round!

Parquery is proud to announce the official finalization of the company’s seed investment round. Among the participants are Hectronic GmbH, leader provider of intelligent system solutions for the parking and refueling sector, and other venture and angel investors. Learn more here.


  • Zürich

Parquery featured again on 20 Minuten!

Nice article from 20 Minuten on how Parquery's smart parking solution benefits smarter cities. Read the article (in German).


  • Zürich

Parquery is hiring!

Parquery is looking for talented and passionate people to fill positions in Software Engineering and in Sales. Learn more on our job section.


  • Zürich

Parquery featured on Radio 1!

Interesting interview on Parquery’s cost-efficient smart parking solution, currently requested by multiple customers worldwide! Listen to the interview.


  • Neulingen

Parquery featured on Startup Valley News!

Interesting article on Parquery’s day-to-day life and story so far, a successful example in an ever growing smart parking market. Read the interview here.


  • Helsinki

Parquery elected to participate in the Elisa Innovation Challenge 2017 semi-final!

Parquery has been chosen by leading Finnish telecommunications, ICT and online service company Elisa to participate in the Elisa Innovation Challenge 2017 semi-final stage: a 16-week-long product development phase beginning on August 22nd. Read more.


  • New York

Parquery’s business opportunities are steadily increasing with 45 billion cameras already in 2022!

Venture Capital Firm LDV Capital has issued a thorough five year market analysis estimating how many cameras will be in the world in 2022. They will typically leverage computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, all three of which are key components of Parquery’s smart mobility solutions. Download the in-depth report here.


  • Helsinki

Parquery addresses Smart Parking in Helsinki!

Parquery is excited to present a smart parking initiative with Philips Lighting and the City of Helsinki. Built on Philips’s connected lighting infrastructure, Parquery’s solution offers a real-time overview of unoccupied public parking spaces, benefitting both city officials and city users. Click here to learn more or to download the full press release.


  • Zürich

Parquery selected for the Kickstart Accelerator Zürich 2017 program!

Parquery is extremely proud to have been selected for the 2017 Kickstart Accelerator in the Smart Cities vertical, among more than 1500 applications! Learn more or read the full press release here.


  • Zürich

Parquery is hiring!

Parquery is looking for talented and passionate people to fill three positions in Software Engineering. Learn more on our job section.


  • Paris

Parquery at Parkopolis 2017 in Paris!

Parquery will be at Parkopolis in Paris on June 21st and 22nd, sharing the booth with our partner Hectronic. Contact us if you would like to meet and discover our smart parking solutions! Read more.


  • Paris

Parquery at Viva Technology 2017 in Paris!

Parquery will be at Viva Technology Paris from June 15th to June 16th, and participate in the Urban Mobility Lab hosted by RATP Group. Send us a message if you would like to meet in person and learn more about our mobility solutions! Read more.


  • Lisbon

PRIO Energy chooses Parquery to work on innovative gas stations!

Parquery is proud to be chosen among 78 startups by the Portuguese gas station leader PRIO Energy. The aim of PRIO and Parquery’s collaboration is to build innovative solutions tailored to gas stations requirements, with no additional infrastructure. Read more.



  • Fribourg

Parquery and VarCity featured in Romandy daily newspaper La Liberté!

Interesting article on Parquery's cost-efficient smart parking solution in partnership with the VarCity project. Parquery enables both real-time display of available parking spots and identification of abusive parking with a much less costly solution than competitors. Read the full article.


  • Zürich

Parquery featured in Swiss economics newspaper Handelszeitung!

Interesting article on how Parquery promotes cities to smarter cities. Smart Parking is a growing market on which Parquery has a huge competitive advantage. Read the full article.


  • Zürich

Parquery in the spotlight in the 3D urban reconstruction of the European project VarCity!

ETH scientists have combined millions of images and videos into a three-dimensional, living model of the city of Zurich. Parquery's solution is successfully integrated in this project to identify the availability of parking spots in real-time. Read more.


  • Basel

Parquery, SPIE and the City of Vevey at SmartSuisse 2017!

Alongside our partners SPIE and the City of Vevey, Parquery will be at Smart Suisse 2017 in Basel on April 27th. Contact us if you would like to meet us and learn more about our mobility solutions! Read more.


  • Zürich

Parquery announces first close of seed financing!

Patrik Zumstein, previously Head of Smart Mobility at Swisscom, and Dr. Satya-Lekh Proag, Urban Mobility Specialist, join Parquery to foster new market opportunities in smart mobility and parking. Read more.



Parquery featured in 20 minuten!

Interesting article on Parquery in the Swiss Startup Mobility Ecosystem. Read more.


  • St.Gallen

Parquery at the START Summit 2017!

Parquery will be at the START Summit 2017 in St.Gallen on March 24th and 25th. Send us a message if you would like to meet in person and learn more about our mobility solutions! Learn more.


  • Lausanne

Parquery at STIL 2017!

Parquery is looking forward to showcase its technology at the Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne (STIL 2017) in Lausanne on March 2nd. Come and say hello if you are around! Learn more.


  • Milan

Parquery invited at Day4Trade 2017!

Parquery will be at the Digital4Trade D4T2017 event in Milano on February 9th to explain how to transform ideas into reality in the IoT sector. Contact us if you would like to meet and discuss about our mobility solutions! Learn more.


Parquery interviewed at StartUp Magazine Italia!

The New Year begins with another interview: StartUp Magazine Italia meets Andrea Fossati to discuss about both Parquery and the increasingly growing smart parking market. Read the full story.


Parquery got featured at Economy Up!

Andrea Fossati has devised a clever system of detection of space to park, already adopted by the City of Locarno, with whom he wants to enter a market that in Europe and North America will reach 43 billion in 2025. "Switzerland? Best of Italy for those who want to innovate" says founder. Read the full story.


Parquery got featured at Parking Network!

Parquery has been working with the City of Vevey in Switzerland since January 2016 providing occupancy information for city administration as well as for drivers. Read the full story.


  • Vienna

Parquery at the WienEnergie Startup day in Vienna!

Parquery will be in Vienna on December 6th for the WienEnergie startup day organized by WhatAVenture. Say hi if you are around and would like to meet us! Learn more.


  • Helsinki

Parquery in Helsinki for the LumiPark project!

Parquery is honored to be at Slush2016 in Helsinki, with our partners Philips Light and Forum Virium Helsinki, to present the LumiPark project, which aim is to improve parking and traffic control altogether. Send us a message if you would like to come and discuss about our mobility solutions! Learn more.


  • Barcelona

Parquery at Smart City Expo World Congress!

Parquery will be presenting its smart parking solution at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 from November 15th to November 17th in Barcelona. Learn more.


  • Munich

Parquery at Bits & Pretzels 2016!

Parquery is very much looking forward to showcase our company and technology at Bits and Pretzels in Munich on September 25th! Send us a message if you would like to meet or just come to our booth and learn more about our mobility solutions! Read more.


  • Milan

Parquery awarded best project with Public Administration at Digital360 Awards 2016!

Parquery is proud to be awarded the best project with Public Administration today at the Digital360 Awards in Milan, following our successful parking monitoring deployment in Locarno last year. Learn more.


  • Paris

Parquery at Viva Technology 2016 in Paris!

Parquery will be at Viva Technology Paris from June 30th to July 2nd, with a booth in the Urban Transformation and Innovation Lab hosted by Vinci and Cisco. Send us a message if you would like to meet in person and learn more about our mobility solutions! Read more.


  • Santa Margherita Ligure

Parquery at G.I. Startup contest!

Parquery is honored to get the opportunity to present its technology in Santa Margherita Ligure at the G.I. Startup Contest on June 11th! Learn more.


  • Madrid

Parquery at Digital Enterprise Show 2016!

Parquery will be pleased to present its solution at the Digital Enterprise Show 2016 in Madrid on May 26th. Send us a message if you would like to meet on the Open Innovation Marketplace, Cities & Public sector track. Learn more.


  • Milan

Parquery at Mobility in Italy 2016!

Parquery will be at Mobility in Italy 2016 in Milan on April 28th and 29th. Contact us if you would like to come and see us to learn more about our mobility solutions!


  • Amsterdam

Parquery at Intertraffic 2016!

Parquery will be present at Intertraffic 2016 from April 5th to April 8th in Amsterdam. Come and visit us at the Startup Lane!


  • Hannover

Parquery at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover!

Parquery will be in Hannover from March 14th to 18th for the CeBIT 2016 conference with our partner IBM Ecosystems. Contact us if you would like to meet us! Learn more.



Parquery featured in ERC stories by the European Research Council!

Prof. Luc van Gool, research leader in computer vision at ETH Zürich, and Parquery, spin-off from ETH Zürich, receive a joint ERC Proof of Concept grant to commercialize a video-based smart parking system. The City of Locarno is the first city to host the largest camera-based project worldwide. Learn more.



Taxameter Centrale commercial page about Parquery

Parquery occupancy control provides real-time parking space occupancy information based on digital images from standard outdoor cameras. Among these interesting features: real-time notification of occupied parking spaces, overstay detection, highly-reliable image processing, works with simple digital cameras and very economical solution. Learn more.


  • Locarno

Extended coverage from Parquery in the Swiss Italian media!

Parquery is officially available in the City of Locarno as from today. The system characteristics, which aim is to facilitate parking search in the city, are illustrated in this press conference, related by RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera. Learn more.